The Oasis - A Home for Rescued & Abandoned Babies

By Sharmee Mannar

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Chance for a New Life

The "Every Child Is Worth It" Team needs your help to build The Oasis, a home for rescued and abandoned babies in Thailand aiming to break the cycle of poverty, prostitution and generations of individuals without an identity, rights or a family.

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Sold into trafficking rings, incarcerated, drugged, abused or abandoned by their parents, babies will be given a chance to grow up in a family environment that provides holistic care for babies in dire need of a loving, tactile, stable, and safe environment where they are protected, valued, and restored to good health. In just one of the hospitals we go to, we see approximately 9 abandoned babies and innumerable trafficked babies on the streets within various begging rings per year.

We invite you to partner with us in giving these babies a chance for a better life.

What's the Long-term Vision?

The Oasis will house a maximum of 6 babies at a time, in line with the foster-care model, support the local community by engaging single parents or low-income households, and be an exemplary model for instilling individual worth, identity and value in babies with our program that enables easy adjustment to being integrated into their biological family (if risk assessments deem the family safe) or future adoptive family (if investigations to locate biological family is unsuccessful or risky). The heart of The Oasis is also to empower others to set up like minded homes.

Where do we need Help?

Thank you for partnering with us. All donations go directly toward helping these babies.

Consumables: 356,000 baht ≈ US$ 10,000 ≈ S$ 13,750
Materials: 246,000 baht ≈ US$ 6,890 ≈ S$ 9,500

Total Costs: 602,100 baht ≈ US$ 16,860 ≈ S$ 23,250

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Team Members

Sharmee Mannar

Adriana Huettl

Cristiano Volpe

Jessica Mauer

Rosie Beronia

Sharmee Mannar