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The Northern Rivers Rail Trail committee want to raise $75,000 for the design costs of a community trail between Casino and Eltham in northern NSW. This is part of a longer proposed trail running between Casino and Murwillumbah.

If we raise this money, along with $100K from both councils, it will help us to secure the government funding needed to build the trail.

This trail will be for you and future generations to enjoy.

Please get on board and give as much as you can!

How you benefit…

- access to some of the most beautiful country in Australia

- a safe and peaceful place to walk, ride or cycle

- a vehicle free route for getting to school, work, to visit friends and family and to your favourite café

- a means to attract tourist visitors and bring more money into the region

- an opportunity for business creation or enhancement

- a source of job creation

- a place to spot magnificent wildlife and unique vegetation

- a way to discover history and cultural heritage

- somewhere to get fit and healthy

About the Trail

The Northern Rivers has a disused railway corridor of 130 kilometres running between Casino and Murwillumbah. Many community members in the Northern Rivers wish to turn this disused infrastructure into a trail that will be accessible to all.

The Northern Rivers region attracts thousands of visitors a year but mainly to the coastal areas. A community trail running inland would encourage healthy, outdoor activities extending beyond the usual tourist destinations. Surveys show that trails attract high-spending and long-staying visitors, thus a trail provides opportunities for job and business creation.

As much as possible the rail structures will be preserved so people can tap into the history and heritage of the region.

The community trail will also provide a route for locals for safe recreation, commuting, getting to school, visiting friends and family and places of interest.

To do nothing would be a huge loss and a missed opportunity for the region. Once we have it, we would wonder how we could ever live without it!

About The Committee
We are a group of volunteers with a vision of a trail in the Northern Rivers that brings the whole community together. We have worked hard since 2013 promoting our vision and are very passionate about the trail.

How the Funds will be Used

Obtaining government funding for large infrastructure projects, such as this 130km community trail, takes a lot of hard work and planning. Government funding bodies require detailed business cases and design specifications for infrastructure projects before they will consider granting them money.

The Northern Rivers Rail Trail committee, in conjunction with Lismore City Council and Richmond Valley Council, are about to submit a grant application for the Casino to Eltham section (45kms) of the proposed trail. In order for the submission to be considered, the government will need to see a detailed plan of the trail done by engineers.

This will include assessing the old bridges, tunnels and culverts as well as working out what surface to use. This is also likely to include community consultation with landowners adjacent to the rail corridor.

We don’t quite have sufficient funds for this detailed planning and therefore need your help to make the rail trail a reality.


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Team Members

Marie Lawton

Cameron Arnold

Claire Hewitt

Geoff Meers

Glenys Ritchie

Hilary Wise

John Bennett

Norm Case

Pat Grier

Sol Ibrahim