The Kai Eardley Fund

By The Fremantle Foundation

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Swim for Kai-Fella

In 2018 the Kai Eardley Fund will be launching their campaign participating in the Rottnest Channel Swim. Kai's brothers Cam and Joey along with teamates Em and Em will undertake the 20km crossing in a team with support of mum Claire.

A little bit of context

Suicide is now the biggest killer of men aged between 19 and 45. Twelve men are lost to suicide every day. Our hope is to reduce this number. Having lost Kai, I will always wonder what could I have done differently and my only conclusion is that there is little else I could have done in July last year when Kai reached crisis point. I wish there had been some early intervention available before he reached that point of no return.

I believe a peer-based program available to young men, which helps to erase the tough macho stigma associated with our Australian male culture, and provides them with some skills to navigate mental illness and crises they will inevitably endure in life, is an important piece of education that is not available in our education curriculum today.

Your donation will go directly to support the program deliverd by Tomorrow Man (Tom Harkin and collegues)

But there’s a problem

Society has tried ignoring the issue- journalism doesn't allow for the reporting of suicide- but as suicide rates triple our appproach to this problem has to change.Schools struggle to acknowledge the problem. We need this program to be available to every young man- to break down barriers and allow for honest authentic conversation.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Our mission is to create a positive change for the mental health of the youth of today.The Kai Eardley Fund, established at the Fremantle Foundation, allows us, the Eardley family, to effectively give back to the local community and to be involved in how the funds raised are disbursed.

You can join us

Fifty dollars will pay for one boy to attend the Tomorrow Man program and enable emotional intelligence and ensure meaningful change. The program allows the youth to have unfiltered dialogue about how their lives are going and what they want to make of it. The future of this generation relies on the health and wellness of our youth- to whom we all carry the responsibility.

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Team Members

Claire eardley

Alex Fraser

Gabriel Cabrera

Grayson King

Indy Imbuldeniya

Joel Moss

Josh Stedman

Joshua Portelli

Mackenzie Fox

Matthew Henderson-Kelly

Michael Hudson

Owen Tincombe

Patrick Hart

Ryan Lobban

Sam Quinn