COVID-19 has taken away our humans - who will feed us?

By Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation

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A little bit of context

All the hotels, bars and many restaurants are closed and our usual 2 million tourists are no longer coming to our island, Koh Samui, in Thailand. Our dog and cat rescue shelter that houses over 400 animals is no longer getting food and money donations from hotels and tourists. The street dogs and cats that we support are now also going hungry. We can barely afford the daily sterilisations and puppies are multiplying.

“Help Us Help Them” is our motto. After 21 years, we are still the only dog and rescue shelter on the island with a vet although there are now many other shelters. We are the only shelter that provides medication and vaccines to the local community so they can help us care for the street animals. Over the years we have sterilised and healed thousands of dogs and cats and protected the community from diseased animals. But we can’t keep going without your help and we are at breaking point.

But there’s a problem

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, we no longer get food donations from the hotels and restaurants and we of course, have a huge spike of animals in need. We’ve even had to start turning some away, hoping they can fend for themselves. Normally we get an extra 1000 euros a month through our donation box at the shelter from those who bring their animals to our vet but this is now down to virtually nothing.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Every week Dog & Cat Rescue Samui (DCRS) Foundation supports street dogs and cats with medicines, vaccines and 1000kg of food per month under the Temple Project. And within our own shelter, we spend 20,000 euros on rent and food, which is 2800 kg per month. This does not include the team wages nor transport and neither medication. The basics are simply a roof over their head and food. We’re simply asking help so that we can meet the basic needs of the dogs and cats. Otherwise, we risk having to stop supporting all the sick and injured animals of the island and to stop working with the community.

We were one of the first shelters in Thailand, and worldwide, to set up a structure such that dogs can run free in enclosures. We are the only one in the area with a vet and our aim is to care for as many animals as we can. Contrary to many other shelters in the world, we will never euthanise our animals simply to make space. As you can see from the following blend of before and after photos, this is just one example of the many dogs that have been saved:

We work closely with the community so that all can live in harmony. 20 years ago, people were either scared or did not care about animals dying in the streets. Today you can see how they care for them, even when they can barely pay for food for themselves. We want to continue sharing this work, especially with our younger generation, but with us on the edge due to this crisis, everything is in question again.

You can join us

Joining our community means you will receive our newsletter. If you wish, you can also become a sponsor of a dog and be part of their lives.

Please remember that it doesn’t take much, every dollar counts. However, of course we understand that these are tough times for all of us and if you can’t donate then please help us share this page either through email:

or help us share our facebook page:

You can also help us by being part of our fund raising team - please message us on our facebook page and we'll explain more.

And for those of you who want to become part of our sponsor community, check out our exciting Doggie and Hound Packages. You can ask us questions on facebook.

Finally, if you wish to choose where your money goes, then here are some ideas for you. Please state your choice in the comments box when you donate and we'll send you a photo:

  • 34 Euros = protect a cat or a dog for 1 year from parasite diseases, including ticks
  • 186 euros = food for 1 day feeding our beloved dogs or cats
  • 170 euros = 6 dogs and cats sterilised per day
  • 420 euros = covers shelter building for 1 week
  • 850 euros = 30 dogs and cats sterilised per week
  • 1,500 euros = covers the team for one week
  • 3,800 euros = covers medication for one month
  • 5,100 euros = 180 dogs or cats sterilised per month

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