NT Frack Attack: The Fact-Finding Bus Tour

By Lock the Gate Alliance Ltd

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A little bit of context

The Northern Territory depends on its groundwater for human survival, and agricultural production.

But there’s a problem

Oil and gas fracking threatens underground water with its toxic mix of injected chemicals, spills, leaks and industrialisation.

The NT Government has just released 51% of the NT for fracking.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

A group of business owners, pastoralists, Traditional Owners, and members of the public are going on a tour of the gas fields of SE Qld, where fracking and gasfields have caused so much harm.

The bus trip is being organised by Lock The Gate and facilitated by Ethical Adventures (a tourism opertor based in Darwin, who like many others in the NT recognise the critical economic importance of a sustainable ecology.)

First stop is the Chinchilla district, where there are thousands of CSG wells, where the Condamine River goes up in flames, and farmland has been pierced like a pin-cushion.

Next stop is The Pilliga, where Santos plan 850 CSG wells.

Finally to Canberra for the last sitting week of Parliament, where Territorians can say, "We have seen the damage first hand, and we want the Federal Government to tell the NT gov't NO FRACKING!"

You can help too

You can help by bidding on one of the items we will post in the Facebook Auctions, or by making a donation here to help get this show on the road.

You can help by contributing any amount, it can be one dollar or a hundred - it all helps!

And here's what's in it for you

When you go the amazing NT for a holiday, you will still be able to see its natural wonders, swim in its pristine waters, and enjoy its clean healthy produce!

But wait - there's more! We have an online auction too.

If you win an Auction item - you get to keep it! And they are cool!

So you can:

- Make a straight donation here on this page - it will mean so much!

- Bid on an item, and your highest bid becomes your donation.

- or both...

Or, would you like to make a tax deductible donation and get money back through your tax?

You can! Support this bus campaign and other great work by making a secure tax deductible donation to Lock the Gate at this link: https://lockthegate.nationbuilder.com/donate_one_off

When you give, your funds will be going where they are needed most - to get people all the way from the Northern Territory to the halls of Parliament in Canberra. Winner!

Now, let's get this bus trip happening!

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