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A little bit of context

The Elite Theatre Company is an intimate performing arts space and the only community theatre in Oxnard California; a city with over 200,000 people. We’ve been here for twenty-five years, and have brought over two thousand live performances with over 120 different productions featuring local actors, directors, producers, stage managers, and more.

We are now at risk of closing our doors and going dark permanently.

This little Theatre that works so hard for, and is such a part of, the community needs your help!

The problem - We've lost some major funding sources.

Over the years, we've moved from sharing our facility with a local church (which increased our rent) and lost several grants that were once major sources of funding. Now the Elite finds itself in a precarious situation of needing to raise funds to fund everything we are looking to do in our 2020 Season.

The show must go on!

Here’s how we’re going to do it!

First - we are admitting that we need help. As a Volunteer run organization, we don’t have a lot of experience in grant writing and fundraising. So we’re aiming to cast a wide net to try to bring in the funds we need to restore The Elite to the sparkling jewel of the Channel Islands Harbor.

Second – We are doing everything we can to further shrink our current production budgets. We’re confident in our actors and directors, and we know they’ll be able to create magic on stage no matter what limitations we may face.

Third - Ticket sales and a concession stand aren’t enough to cover our operational costs. So we are looking for sponsors! The Elite Theatre Company is looking to partner with local businesses to be featured in our print and online media as a title sponsor.

Fourth - We’re also reaching out to all of our Patrons, Past Donors, Friends, Family and anyone else we can think of to ask them to join The Elite Family in our efforts to save the theatre.

You can join us!

We’re preparing something truly special for 2020. The Elite is currently undergoing a major transformation, a shift of internal policy, and general direction of what The Elite does to serve our community. Our mission may be “To develop, promote, and present quality theatrical productions for the education and benefit of the general public,”

but our VISION is; “To entertain audiences while creating a space that both nurtures and fosters a living, thriving, diverse Performing Arts Community.”

Please, join us at The Elite. We’re building something here and we need your help. Anyone looking to Perform or learn about the Performing Arts, we want you to join us in creating something special.

Policies We have Already Implemented:

The Arts are for Everyone -

This program grants access to live performances to members of our community who would otherwise not be able to afford admission.

Nontraditional Casting -

Unless otherwise contractually required by our licensing agreement, The Elite Theatre Company holds a nontraditional casting policy. Meaning we expect our directors to cast the best candidate for a role without considering the actor's ethnicity, skin color, body shape, sex and/or gender when casting for a role.

An Adapted Chicago Theatre Standard -

Based on the standard published at, these guidelines have helped The Elite protect our performers and production teams from sexual harrasment, discrimination, and other harmful behavior that can sometimes arrise in a production. These guideliness only make our theatre stronger and we are proud to have made them a part of our core philosophy.

Programs we are introducing:

Open Mic Nights -

These monthly events invite members of our community to get up on our stage and share their talents with our fellow friends and neighbors.

The Conservatory -

This program launches in January and will offer a full Performing Arts education to a select group of local students. We are doing our best to raise funds and find sponsors so that we can hopefully offer this program to participants free of charge.

"We're moving forward focused on Community First. Both our local community here in Oxnard, and our Theatre Community in Ventura County. We are here as a service to others."
- Artistic Director Mike Marsalisi

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