The Croatian Club Goes Solar

By Climate Action Newcastle

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Our little bowlo needs a break

The Croatian Wickham Sports Club is one of a dying breed in Newcastle - the inner-city bowlo. There are many bills to pay and much to upgrade in the old club.

We definitely don't want to see this little gem of a community club shut its doors like so many bowlos in Newcastle already have.

So we're going solar!

Here's the plan: If we can raise funds to help the CWS Club put solar panels on the roof, the club will significantly reduce its energy bills and have more funds for other essentials.

And the best bit? Reducing carbon emissions contributing to devastating climate change.

You can help

We're aiming for a 25KW system. Any contribution to this campaign will be managed by Climate Action Newcastle to 100% go directly to the Club's solar equipment and installation. This will effectively pay forward the Club's energy bills for years to come through savings from generating solar electricity on site.

The perk? Continuing to have this awesome community club in our neighbourhood

Any donation will pay dividends to the club in saved energy bills - so this will shore up this community venue for use for your events and gathering long into the future.

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Team Members

Su Morley

Duncan Jinks

Randolph Wild

Shaun Pollington

Zoe Rogers