The Big Food Drive

By Jeremy Loops

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Update 5: New Goal - $50,000/R1,000,000

Five milestones! The Big Food drive marches on to our most ambitious target yet - to raise $50,000 and provide 100,000 meals to those most in need. This is, remarkably, 10x what we set out to raise when this campaign began and the support

Update 4: New Goal - $35,000/R700,000

Four major milestones within the first 4 days! We're so thankful for the support and are now in a position to provide 50,000 meals. Moments on our side, and this is our biggest leap forward yet. Help us raise $35,000 to provide 70,000 meals for those most in need.

Update 3: New Goal - $25,000/R500,000

Three major milestones in 24 hours! Unreal. We're so honoured at the support, and are now in a position to provide 30,000 meals. Let's stretch while we have momentum and target 50,000 meals by raising $25,000 (R500,000).

Update 2: New Goal - $15,000/R300,000

Two major milestones in one day! We smashed through the first $5,000 (R100,000) target in a little over two hours, and a few hours later, we smashed through our stretch goal target of $10,000 (R200,000). Our new target is $15,000. Thank you for more than doubling our whole fundraising goal in just one day! Let's keep going - the more we raise, the more food we're able to provide.

Update 1: New Goal - $10,000/R200,000

Your support and response has been unbelievable! We've hit our initial target amount of $5,000 / R100,000 in just two hours since the campaign's launched. We've doubled our target amount to $10,000 / R200,000. This will be enough to provide 20,000 meals! Let's see how far we can take this.

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A little bit of context

South Africa has one of the highest levels of inequality in the world with more than half of its population living in poverty. For all the good coronavirus-related lockdown does in stopping the spread of the disease it is pushing the millions already on the breadline into desperation. Families are starving. Government initiatives to feed the needy aren't scaling fast enough, leaving millions unsure where or even how to get their next meal . Thankfully community organisations and caring citizens are coming together to do something about this and help our vulnerable neighbours.

A challenging environment

A project of this magnitude requires highly motivated and well coordinated groups of people to work closely together in an organised and efficient way to realise our goal of feeding the hungry. Another challenge is that of working with communities that one is not culturally and socially familiar with. There is the danger of failing to follow quarantine protocols to keep everyone safe, and failing to ensure the fair and equal distribution of food, which has corresponding follow-on effects.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

To negate these challenges and ensure the safe delivery of thousands of meals to those most in need, we’ve partnered with several brilliant organisations to form The Big Food Drive, our food distribution network.

We forged relationships with wholesale fresh produce markets and transport companies to ensure good food is able to be sourced and delivered at the most competitive prices possible, negating markups and delivery inefficiencies.

We partnered with Greenpop, a longstanding environmental NGO, who are advising on best practice and helping facilitate the distribution of the food for the cause. They're also providing support staff and transportation, and helping us facilitate the implementation of community food gardens if we exceed our initial fundraising goals.

And finally we partnered with various CANs (Community Action Networks), in particular Muizenberg CAN. The CANs are 100% volunteer-run. There is a network of more than 70 of them operating in communities across the greater Cape Town area. This network, fueled by thousands of volunteers, is known as Cape Town Together.

And now, the last partner we need is you.

We need your support

All it takes is R10,000 to fund a truckload of food that will provide 1,000 meals. That’s $500 to feed 1,000 people, or 50c per meal. Our starting target is R100,000 ($5,000), which is enough to provide 10,000 meals. The Jeremy Loops team has already contributed R10,000 ($500) to get us started: we're 10% of the way there!

With this R100,000 ($5000) sum, we’ll be working with Muizenberg-CAN and Amava Oluntu to ramp up capacity in feeding local townships like Vrygrond and other places in need in the greater Muizenberg area, as well as sending food and resources to CANs further afield as the campaign grows.

Thank you for your support

We're part of an incredible community and this global crisis has brought people together in ways we haven't seen for a long time. And with your help, however close or far you are from this crisis in South Africa, we can make a tangible difference in people's lives.

If you can tell friends or family about this initiative we’d be very grateful. Social media shares are welcome. Better still, pick-up the phone and tell a friend. Thank you.

We'll keep you updated on our progress every step of the way.
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