Tech 2 orphans (T2O) in Ghana

By 1Billion Africa

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Orphans with no employable skills often leave the orphanages worse off than they joined. Most of these youth become unemployable and therefore face harsh economic conditions outside the home. The disoriented among this group of youth are tempted to resort to various social delinquencies to make ends meet. This disrupts social order and defeats the purpose of orphanage homes.

Our problem validation survey showed a general lack of ICT knowledge among the sampled orphans. This was disturbing since ICT has become a significant aspect of the day-to-day life of people and institutions. Providing these young orphans with adequate ICT skills will equip them with relevant employable skills and will help them meet some basic economic needs outside the home. 1 Billion Africa is bent on training these youth in computer coding, graphic designing and website designing. These skills will open these orphans up to various economic ventures and opportunities.

While coding and software development continue to remain one of the most relevant skills due to the growing use of Internet of Things (IoT) , Ghana and Africa lags behind in practical solutions using IoT. Also, graphic designing has become a very integral part of our society due to the high demand for logo designs, customized T-shirts, posters, fliers, brochures and other print paraphernalia. Therefore, these youth are likely to be economically active with these skills.

About 1 Billion Africa
1 billion Africa is a civil society organisation incorporated in Ghana, West Africa. Our business model is one of community development targeted at solving the many challenges that exist in our societies today. Our methodology for development involves using a problem-solving approach by modelling a project for solving the many challenges we face in our communities. Our problem-solving model is also targeted at addressing some of the seventeen (17) internationally accepted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To be effective in our objective, we undertake projects sustainable by ensuring that every intervention needed for solving a problem is undertaken in order to reduce or totally eliminate challenges that existed, either in the short to long-term. Our mission is to turn the “1billion” problems in Africa into “1billion” projects and solutions, to empower and to create opportunities for deprived Africans.

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Team Members

Lawrence Ansah-Addo

Nathaniel Amoh Boateng

Prince Adu-Appiah