Tear Down Your Screens, Build Up Your Community

By Aristotle's Cafe

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It's Time to Have Discussions that Matter

We are living in a world that’s more connected than ever yet somehow it feels that instead of coming closer together, we are often pushing further apart.

Over the past 14 Years, Aristotle's Cafe has worked to change that.

Aristotle’s Cafe creates a dynamic environment that invites groups of strangers together to put their phones down and talk to one another face-to-face.

We've held these sessions as a service to over 10,000 People completely for FREE.

We give you a safe community to share your ideas, your opinions, and your questions. Learn through conversation and free expression. And at the same time tear down political, religious, and social boundaries.

We’ve talked about love, politics, fear, happiness, and everything under the sun.

Find out what people are saying...

We Need Your Help!

We've grown as large as we can without the protection of being a bona fide non-profit.

Not only have we hit a ceiling of expansion, but without official structure, we can not retain the talent we've already cultivated and we can't protect our intellectual property.

We are at a critical moment in time...

We have seen the wonderful ways in which men, women, mothers, fathers, friends, colleagues, neighbors, grandparents, siblings, and members of the community connect after having the opportunity to meet, and this why we want to reach even more people.

You can make a difference...

After 14 years of leading discussions in communities all over the world including Thailand, Mongolia, Myanmar, Iceland, and Indonesia, we are ready to step up the game and create a bigger impact and we can't do it without help.

We want the chance to reach even more people.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

What we plan to do is to:

1. Get registered as a non-profit

Although there are a lot of challenges with upfront costs and legal fees to do it correctly.

This is the only way we can grow - it gives us an opportunity for public and private grants, tax-deductible donations, and partnerships that aren’t possible on the individual level.

And at this point in time, we’ve reached a critical mass of people joining us and stepping up as leaders. I know that if we don’t make the most of this moment, there’s a chance that this momentum might stop and we won’t reach nearly as many people.

2. Launch a podcast

A Podcast will be easy to access and allow everyone to join in the conversation.

We are choosing a podcast because it’s accessible, unfiltered, and not full of advertising interruptions. It gives us the chance to make long-form content without compromise or outside influences. The podcast will include small group discussions, interviews, and thoughts and ideas.

The topics we choose and people that come to Aristotle’s Cafe are truly unique.

The diversity of ideas, the range of cultures, and the interesting topics won’t happen anywhere else in the world. We want to let more people have the chance to listen and enjoy them.

Sometimes we forget how good it feels to be listened to. Bringing people together and creating a space for someone to be heard is a powerful thing.

Every person should have the chance to be part of a community of respect and different perspectives and that’s why we need your help.

Be Part of Our Community, Support Discussions that Matter!

We need your help to get things off the ground.

We have all the expertise and the people, but we need legal counsel and administrative fees for setting up the non-profit, proper recording equipment, money to pay for editing, and space rental costs for the podcast.

**Anything that we raise over the goal - we will use to put into a scholarship fund to train Community Leaders in Facilitation so we can get these discussions to make a local and long-term positive impact.**

Rewards and Perks

If you want us to add any perks that aren't currently listed please write to us directly at info@aristotlescafe.com

We will be giving all donors quarterly updates so that you can track our progress!

Please note, you can also simply donate without any rewards if you would like to.

Thank you for believing in us and for your support!

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Learn more about Aristotle's Cafe

Visit our website (www.aristotlescafe.com) or shoot us an email (info@aristotlescafe.com) to start a conversation. We'd love to hear from you!

What We'll Do with the Funds!

Legal Fees

As much as we wished we knew everything that is needed to run a global non-profit, we just don't. We already know about a lot of the costs and procedures, but we really need to pay an expert to help us to make sure things are set up correctly and we don't make major mistakes that will hurt us now or in the future.


We are hosted in various locations. Some places are very generous to take us in without any compensation. Other places require us to build trust with them in the first few sessions hosted and if we want to podcast there will most likely be fees involved.

Materials for Discussions and Trainings

We firmly believe that every single human being should be able to access this safe space. Running Aristotle's Cafe has material costs for the sessions, something we've been covering out of pocket for the past 14 years. But as we continue to grow this price is starting to add.

Tools and Equipment + Scaling

Aristotle's Cafe is all about creating a safe and brave space for people to join discussions that matter. We do our best to bootstrap things, but we definitely want to reach out as far as possible!

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