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By HIP Academy

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A little bit of context

HIP Africa is a center found in remote rural parts of western Kenya. The center is dedicated to educating children from the vulnerable families. It hosts 70+ students ranging from kindergarten to grade four. HIP Africa has 6 teachers that are selflessly educating these awesome and hardworking students.

But there’s a problem

Teachers are currently volunteering their time, but this is not sustainable. They have families to take that look upon them for support. They are committed to educating these students and helping them achieve their dreams, but must also meet their own basic needs. Without teachers, HIP can not continue to educate these children and build a stronger community. Providing a small salaray will enable HIP to keep it's team of qulified teachers. Teachers can not continue to work without a salary. Loosing them would be an incredible loss to the school and the community.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The team we have has selflessly teaching without a payment. This has led us to starting this fundraise site to raise some funds that would provide for their salaries. Supporting this teachers would mean the world not only to HIP and its students but also to their families and the community at large. Join us in supporting these awesome teachers.

You can join us

With your help we can fully cover the cost of the modest salaries our teachers need to support their families and continue this critical work.

Headteacher $70 per month
5 teachers each $50 per month
chef $40 per month.

Total: $ 4,320 per year.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

$40: A THANK you note from the student leader.
$50: A picture of a student with a THANK you note.
$70: A picture of a teacher with a THANK you note.
$600: A class picture with your name and a THANK you note.
$1,200: A group picture from the school posted on our website bearing your name with a THANK you note.

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Team Members

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