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“You can help to give every child, everywhere, the chance to go to school”.

We need your help, your donations, to breath life into a project to engage schools around the world and inspire, motivate and empower children to bring an end to the global education crisis.

Do you know that somewhere between 58 and 59 million children around the world don’t go to school? That 58 to 59 million children are, for a plethora of reasons, denied access to education?

In the year 2000 the world made a promise; that every child, everywhere, would have access to education by the year 2015.

When 2015 arrived a monumental effort by all governments and agencies involved resulted in 85 percent of the children not enrolled in education at the dawn of the millennium actually going to school, leaving just fifteen percent of the number still out of school.

That statistic of fifteen percent in real terms equates to 58 or 59 million children who are still denied access to quality education.

To make sure that universal education provision doesn’t slip from the political agenda the world made a new promise: that the final fifteen percent – those 58 to 59 million children – would, by the year 2030, have access to quality education. This new promise formed the basis of ‘Sustainable Development Goal 4’.

However, because those children, the final fifteen percent, really are the very hardest to reach it may take all of those fifteen years, and possibly more, until the dream of true universal education becomes a reality. The ‘Teach The World’ project is geared towards younger audiences because the children that we can engage, motivate, inspire and empower now will be, in fifteen or so years time when we’re in the final battle to help every child go to school, the business people, the educators and the political leaders who can actually make it happen.

We’re pulling together an awesome team of people from around the world to help us engage with as many children and young people as possible through an innovative and thought provoking initiative to engage and interact with schools around the globe.

We’re going to use a variety of ‘school friendly’ platforms to not only share the journey but to give you the opportunity to help us shape the project; to ask the questions that you want us to ask and to see the things that you want to see. We’ll be encouraging schools around the world to communicate, engage and interact with each other as well as with us and share their learning journeys and experiences.

You can find out more about the ‘Teach The World’ initiative on the website here http://www.letsteachtheworld.org/

To help us to bring this project to life, to inspire and motivate the global citizens and leaders of the future to make sure that every child has the opportunity to receive an education, we need your support. Every donation counts and every penny will be well invested.

Any money raised over and above the base costs of the project will be distributed to local education projects in each of the areas visited to support them as they continue their essential work.

Please help us to ‘teach the world’ by making a donation now, and tell everyone that you can!

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