Pedal-Powered Produce

By The Community Grocer

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Who are we?

The Community Grocer are a not-for-profit social enterprise running weekly affordable fresh food markets with a vision to cultivate healthy connected communities. We are committed to making it easier for Melbournians to access healthy food at prices that are 70% cheaper than surrounding outlets.

As a social enterprise, our actions are underpinned by environmental sustainability and a need to be financially sustainable... which is why we are launching our Pedal-Powered Produce project.

Who doesn't love a veggie box?!?

Are you a lover of fresh and affordable fruit and veg AND reducing your carbon footprint? Well, you're not the only one.

Delivered veggie boxes are great. They encourage recipients to eat healther and generally come without all of the packaging typically found in supermarkets. But, many times these boxes come delivered via car or truck.

That's where our two-wheeled friends come in.

TCG is committed to making it easier for Melbournians to not only access healthier food, but also do so in a way that prevents CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Current customers love receiving weekly produce delivered by bicycle and the expansion of our Pedal-Powered Produce project beyond its successful trial phase would help to:

  • Support TCG's mission to provide fresh and affordable produce to those who need it most
  • Promote further engagement with the local communities of our four inner-city markets
  • Support our goal of ZERO FOOD WASTE at each market
  • Prevent almost 6,000 grams of CO2 from entering the atmosphere - with just one delivery trip!

In order to keep the Pedal-Powered Produce project cycling in top gear (pun intended), we need your help.

We thrive on the support of volunteers and contributions from people like you. Our goal of $15,000 will help us to get our veggie box scheme established at each of our four inner-city markets (Carlton, Fitzroy, Flemington and Fawkner). This amount would mean that more customers are able to receive veggie boxes, including the elderly and those with mobility issues. Families and sharehouses will be able to eat healthy each week - without breaking the bank!

  • We'll be partnering with Australian-owned, Australian-operated companies to source bike trailers suitable for rain or shine deliveries.
  • We'll be making use of eco-friendly bags to keep pesky pests out and keep the leafy greens fresh.
  • We'll be supporting our dedicated volunteers with equipment to keep them safe while riding.
  • We'll be putting the power back into the hands of local producers, shifting it away from Australia's giant supermarkets.

We can't do this without your help!

Please support us to be one of the first organisations in Australia to deliver fruit and veg by bicycle, using the power of food (and bicycles!) to provide affordable produce to those who need it most.


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