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A little bit of context...

As a long-time educator, I've witnessed the rapid life-changing impact as individuals directly experience MindBodyBeing Integration through Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Vessel Yoga mindful movement practices.

Access to scholarship funds will send a ripple of hope into a hurting world. This proven path out of individual suffering paves the way to the discovery of life meaning and purpose.

Scholarships made it possible for me to go to college where I studied human development and spiritual awakening. It's vital that Mindful Living Studio Global as the educational arm of Take Back The Garden offer scholarships to financially support those who are ready for integrative development and qualify for financial assistance. Our unique course built on the MBSR foundation launches later this year. It's time to get the scholarship fund in place. I hope you'll help. Your act of kindness and generosity is appreciated.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

But there’s a problem

Unexamined beliefs create a perception of limited choices that cause mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual pain and suffering. This is learned behavior.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

New learning rapidly occurs with specific mind-body education and training that supports mindful examination of beliefs, thoughts, and behavior. In a few weeks, the brain and body become integrated with this life-enhancing curriculum for pain and stress management. Through this foundational holistic life skills program, the individual's enhanced sense of self supports intelligent engagement with the world and an openness to new possibilities.

Over 30 years of research reveals this proven program works for anyone who is curious about the inner world and willing to follow the simple mind-body practices. Within 8 weeks a new kind of human emerges. As individuals embody skills and take charge of their life they become a model for others. Integrated thinking and acting send ripples into the world that not only helps alleviate pain and suffering but is a model of hope and happiness for all humans. Benefits

You can join us

Donate any amount to the fund for our core course Inner Mastery: The Inside Adventure with MBSR Mindfulness & Vessel Yoga. Transformational Life Skills empower individuals to make wise choices for themselves, how they interact with humanity, and with our earth.

For more information please visit: Mindful Living Studio

And here is an amazing perk for supporting us

First a song for you!

Any donation amount is appreciated. You can choose an amount that is listed or choose your own amount below that area.

For $12 or more, you can come along on a digital adventure where I'll share some insights into the transformation process I'm experiencing. There's a private group you can request to enter. The link is on your thank you letter that is sent after you donate.

For $108 donors, you'll enter the Inner Circle. Your link is in the thank you after your donation.

Also, please see the tip area for Chuffed.


Our HERcules Journey

Together, we'll explore our own inner journey and share key insights that tap mental, emotional, and spiritual development. This is my 4th HERcules journey. This one leads to the Temple of Hercules in Rome with adventures before and after.

Not a tour but an an invitation to go inside from the comfort of your home as I offer outer catalysts and model multidimensional musings to encourage your exploration of your own inner world.

My first 3 HERcules journeys were not intentional...they simply happened as I was traveling in Morocco, Gibraltar, and Greece. This is my first planned HERcules pilgrimage sparked by spiritual direction. After I booked the trip, guidance said: offer this HERcules journey as a scholarship fundraiser and invite you to come along digitally!

Wherever we are in life Courage, Strength and Vision are essential to fully realize our gifts and offer them to others near and far. I'm entering a new phase of life and am consciously cultivating what's needed in this season to rise to a new level of service. Bolstering empowering qualities is essential at any stage or season of life.

This playful yet bold Hero's Journey invites participants to tap the inner core, break free of fear and perceived limitations to live life fully regardless of outer circumstances. The three stages of the journey are Separation, Initiation, and Return though you'll see more in the diagram below.

Through blog posts and a private FB group, we'll engage to share dreams, insights, and challenges as we discover new depths, encounter miraculous connections, and directly experience new levels of wonder and healing. Image result for hero's journey template

Our rich adventure leads to France, Sicily, The Temple of Hercules in Rome on the fall equinox, and Paris. Fall Equinox is the time to examine our harvest. To reflect on how we handled challenges and cultivated skillfulness the past year. From this, we then wisely choose the "seeds" to plant for the coming year. Our lives are a garden only we can plant and tend.

This Hero's Journey supports a greater understanding of the mind, embodiment, and our ongoing connection with spirit. Individually, how we relate to the human family, and all that is outside of us.

Travel includes a prelude in Marseilles France before flying to Sicily to experience four cities including the Valley of the Golden Temples and Syracuse. From Rome, I return to France for more adventure including Giverney, Monet's Living Landscape outside of Paris, an outer garden representing Monet's inner journey. At the Louvre, I'll again stand again at the feet of the messenger goddess Victory. I first stood with her during my recovery from a traumatic violent event in 2006 as HERcules began to speak into my life. I'll share this story, and more, with you.

The journey is 16 days; 4 nights in each location. I'll begin sharing as I prepare to travel including vessel yoga practices before and during the journey, and then afterward as we further integrate experiences.

All donation proceeds are for the scholarship fund. They WILL NOT be used for any travel expenses.

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