Chip In: Defend Marriage Equality in Taiwan

By Australian Marriage Equality

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Marriage equality is heading to a citizen vote in Taiwan.

This time last year we were facing a marriage equality postal survey. Despite it being the government’s job to legislate for marriage equality, our Parliament put the relationships of LGBTIQ Australians to a public vote.

Thanks to you we won! But it wasn’t easy and we needed a lot of resources to win.

Now, a year later, opponents of marriage equality have succeeded with the same trick in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese court had ruled in favour of marriage equality and the Parliament was set to follow. But then the rules changed, and now citizens are facing a national public vote in November this year.

Equality opponents know these kinds of citizen votes are costly and difficult for equality supporters to win. That’s why they are pushing this strategy all over the world. They brought it here, and now they’ve imported it straight to Taiwan.

Our mates in Tawain are going through the same difficult challenge we went through — and they need our help to win.

Here’s what we’re doing about it...

If we chip in and raise $10,000 together, we can help the Taiwanese campaign employ crucial staff for the next 3 months — directly funding senior digital and communications roles.

These roles will help them activate and grow a positive movement for equality in Taiwan, share impactful messages for change, and counter the misinformation of opponents through powerful video storytelling.

We can give hope and support a win in Taiwan.

Our support could make all the difference. We know what this feels like. We know what they’re going through. Our support can help give campaigners the hope they need to carry on and win.

Chip in today to support marriage equality in Taiwan.

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