A Permanent Sanctuary for Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue

By Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue

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Can you help us find a permanent  home for our shelter? 

Who we are and what we do: 

 Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue currently provide day-to-day care for close to 100 animals on site at our south west Sydney shelter, some are permanent residents¸ others are waiting to be adopted or undergoing medical care. We are the only dedicated Fox Rescue centre in Australia and one of the only Dingo Rescues.

For 6 years we have provided a safe haven to animals that had no-where else to turn. We have helped save the lives of over a 100 foxes, 80 dingoes, 180 cats, 50 rabbits and many other animals. We’ve helped hundreds of families find the perfect animal companion and hundreds of animals recover, heal and learn to love again.

We’ve educated people young and old about animals and the environment and we’ve helped be a voice for animals who didn’t have one of their own.

Right now we are about to lose our shelter...

We are rental tenants here at our shelter, and this is the 3rd property we’ve had to relocate to in the past 6 years. And now, this week we have received the devastating news that we have 90 days to relocate again and find a new home for our animals.

But there's still hope! 

At first this seemed like an impossible task, we are a volunteer run rescue centre with no external funding or paid staff. We rely on fundraising and donations and have close to 100 animals to care for. But one thing is clear… The time has come for something to change. We need to find a permanent home for Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue. No more rentals. No more relocating. The vulnerable animals we rescue deserve security and safety.

This is how we decided it was time to take a leap of faith and buy a property to call our own- a sanctuary dedicated to helping the unique animals our rescue provides for.

We can't do it alone...

We were there for these animals when they had no one else and now we need you to be here for us. Together as a community we can make this dream a reality.

We are currently looking at a handful of properties around 50 acres in size within 2 hours of Sydney (this is important for both animal adoptions and volunteer accessibility). In order to make purchasing one of these properties and relocating possible we need:

  1. A $40,000 deposit
  2. $4,000 in order to relocate 26 enclosures, fencing, shelters and other rescue supplies
  3. $1,000 in building supplies for the relocated enclosures including concrete mix, screws, tie wire and other fixtures.
  4. $5,000 for a standalone solar power system

We want this move to be our last. Our animals deserve a stable home to grow and learn and heal in an environment that understands their unique needs. Are you the everyday hero who is going to help make that happen?

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