Swim For Our Rivers

By Mackay Conservation Group

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Our rivers urgently need your help

Drought, excessive water consumption, pollution and dams are all destroying the ecological values of our rivers. With your help we will build community support, power and skills to protect and advocate for our rivers.

On 22 February 2020 Mackay Conservation Group supporters paddled hard in the successful Swim For Our Rivers swim-a-thon , but your help is needed to reach the $20,000 fundraising goal. If Mackay Conservation Group can reach this goal we will be able to employ a part-time organiser to lead our volunteer campaign and work on river protection in our region.

Our rivers are in serious trouble. It has been horrifying to watch the Murray-Darling system dry up. Along the Queensland coast polluted water is harming the Great Barrier Reef. Innapropriate new dams will destroy habitat for wildlife.

A generous donor has agreed to match any donation made between 21 February 2020 and 29 February 2020 up to a total of $10,000. So not only will your donation be tax deductible, the campaign to protect our rivers will receive twice the amount you give. So please donate today.

Rivers are in trouble all the way from the outback to the reef. 

The federal government has recently contributed millions to prepare the groundwork for a dam on the beautiful Urannah Creek. The creek is home to the rare Irwins Turtle which was discovered by famed naturalists Steve and Bob Irwin in 1990. This beautiful animal has a range of just 25 square kilometres. It depends on clean, free-flowing water to survive. A dam could send it to extinction before we even get to know it.

 (Photo: Irwin's Turtle  - By Jeff Tan)

Mackay Conservation Group has a good track record of running influential campaigns. Your help is needed for us to continue our work to defend and restore the environmental values of our rivers.

In 2020 Mackay Conservation Group volunteers are literally diving head first into a campaign to raise funds to protect the rivers we love. Swim For Our Rivers is the major fundraiser for the campaign to protect the rivers in our region. Teams of swimmers will take part in a swim-a-thon at Mackay's Pioneer Pool and other locations around Australia to raise funds for our project.

Your donations will enable us to raise awareness about the issues affecting rivers in our region and build a campaign that enables people to have a say about river protection.

Mackay Conservation Group supporters young and old care so much about this issue that they have formed fundraising teams to support the campaign.

Please donate to one of these teams today.

We have had some wonderful organisations and individuals sponsor this event including: 

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