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A little bit of context

More than forty thousand people with Parkinson's disease in Uganda receive almost no treatment for Parkinson's disease. The reasons: One doctor for every twelve thousand people; avergage income of one hundred dollars a month; rampant AIDS and malaria, illiteracy and malnutrition.

So here’s a problem

While waiting for a cure, what do persons with Parkinson’s disease do in the developed world?

Recent studies have documented the benefits of various exercise programs and body work such as yoga. Many neurologists now prescribe exercise for their patients with Parkinson's disease. So today, highly motivated people with Parkinson's disease in the West are pursuing intense exercise programs and find their disease is not progressing and some have witnessed a significant decrease in motor symptoms.

So, what can we do for the tens of thousands of untreated patients in Uganda?

Develop a program that prescribes exactly what people with Parkinson's disease need to do: Mindful Swift Walking and Yoga. Teach the fundamentals to paraprofessionals there to continue the work.

Offer guest lectureships at the medical schools in Uganda to educate future doctors.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Clinical trials are exceedingly difficult to conduct and cost huge sums of money. Since most research money comes from Big Pharma, there is no chance a study which may demonstrate that less medication is needed will find those deep-pockets.

You can join us by making a difference by helping, educating and teaching those in Uganda how they can slow their progression of the disease with mindful swift walking, meditation, exercise and yoga.

Uganda is an extremely poor country. It has no funding for treating Parkinson's disease. There is only one doctor for every 12,000 people. Average income is $1200 per year. Life expectancy is 53.4 years.

We will send our Director, Dr. Christian Hageseth, to Uganda in October 2017 to introduce our holistic program to a hundred sixty people there who currently suffer from Parkinson's disease. We are in constant communication with the Parkinson’s Disease Support Foundation– Uganda. And we have approval from the Ministry of Health.

The program has four steps:

  1. Change individual and cultural mindsets about Parkinson's disease. Common beliefs hold that it is a result of demon possession, insanity or a communicable brain disease.
  2. Teach specific methods of exercise, especially Mindful Swift Walking and yoga.
  3. Create and fund ongoing local support groups.
  4. Offer guest lectureships to the six medical schools in Uganda to educate future doctors about the new holistic approaches to Parkinson's disease.

If, over a period of three years, we can document that we have slowed and even reversed some motor symptoms of Parkinson's, it will not just be an immense benefit to people with Parkinson's disease in Uganda, but may even influence the practice of neurology in the Western World.

You can join us

You can help to cover the costs of implementing this live-giving and lifesaving project. Costs include travel, lodging, meals, and health insurance for month-long visits and ongoing support to all patients, paraprofessionals, and support personnel such as drivers, lay caregivers and the director of the Foundation for Parkinson's Disease in Uganda.

Without motivated and altruistic donors like you, people with Parkinson's Disease in Uganda won't have the opportunity to benefit from low-cost holistic care. You can relieve the suffering of countless People with Parkinson's Disease in Uganda. Please donate now.



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Christian Hageseth, M.D.