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Southwest Detroit Hardest Hit

Southwest Detroit is the home to the largest immigrant population in Michigan, and concentrations of multi-generational poverty. It has also been reported to have zero reported confirmed cases-- lack of testing, healthcare, ICE reporting or fear-- is putting people at risk. People in SW are especially vulnerable to COVID living with compromised health from being the most polluted place in Michigan.

But there’s a problem

City of Detroit has required a doctor's note, and an identification to get tested through municipal testing. These barriers are tough if you don't speak English or have a car, not to mention documentation.

Everyone deserves dignity of home

We are offering families who are experiencing hardship reprieve-- mutual aide volunteers are dispatched to deliver food and diapers. But it's not meeting the needs of families' hardships-- rent, utilities, medical bills-- so that's what we are offering.

You can join us

We're raising $60,000 to help southwest Detroit residents a way to pay-- especially those who are not eligible for $1200-- for critical life saving amenities. The SW Detroit mutual aide collaborative are social service agencies, social and environmental justice activists, local residents, who are committed to make sure this works. Together we can!

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