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Kids on Nauru Need You

The situation for hundreds of refugees living in detention on Nauru is worse than ever. Living conditions are squalid, the heat is unbearable, and people lack access to essential items like baby food, women's sanitary products and medical supplies.

Amnesty International has described the camps as an "open-air prison", and it's especially bad for pregnant women, new mums and babies. 

Like many Australians, we're appalled by the Australian Government's treatment of these innocent people. But while our MPs have turned their backs on them, we haven't.

Here’s How We're Helping Them

We're a small group of Aussies who send care packages to Nauru.

Right now, we're focused on supporting six pregnant women, as well as new mums and their babies. Almost nothing is provided for them, including medical supplies.

We send each new mum a 'new baby pack' because essential items like a first aid kit could save a child's life and prevent serious illness.

What we do:

(1) We chat directly with people on Nauru, to find out what they need;

(2) We appeal for cash donations for purchasing and postage;

(3) We also collect "stuff donations", like soccer balls, mobile phones and backpacks;

(4) We buy, pack and post everything according to customs and Australia Post guidelines;

(5) We start back at step (1).

Here's How You Can Help 

Please donate now. 

100% of your contribution will keep our operations running, and reach people who have no other means of support.

And make sure you tell your friends!

Thank you from all the volunteers at We Care Nauru!

If you'd prefer to transfer directly our bank details are:
Name: We Care Nauru
BSB: 063 105
A/C number: 10657348

** All Paypal payments are processed by our treasurer Ivan.

*Join our Facebook group: We Care Nauru - Gifts Network.

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