Rent is due. We need your help to keep the school going.

By Cisarua Learning Limited

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The CRLC is a refugee established and managed learning centre in Indonesia. For over three years it has provided education and hope to refugees stuck in Indonesia. It has also provided the opportunity for hundreds of Australians to learn about refugees and their situation.

But the CRLC is not just a school.

It is proof that refugees are capable and resourceful and that they only want education and a peaceful place to contribute. On the other hand it is an example of Australian generosity. A place where Australians reach out, individually if nessesary, to help people in need.

It has been over two years since we have run a crowdfunding campaign and in that time generous donors have helped keep the school open, but right now the rent is due for the school's building for next year. It's our largest single expense and we need some help.

We have also expanded our activities beyond the CRLC.

We have started online education courses for older students and are working with older, previously illiterate, women to learn basic ABCs. We plan to expand these programs in the community this year.

The CRLC has become a powerful image for refugee capacity and has inspired eight similar refugee learning centres, with more being planned. We advise those initiatives and hope to support them more over the next year.

Any extra money raised will go towards expanding educational opportunities for refugees in Indonesia. Our goal is provide educational support to every willing refugee across Indonesia. At the same time proving that Australian values and decency are still alive and well.

We are committed to the CRLC, and supporting education initiatives for refugees in Indonesia, for as long as it is needed.

Can you help us?

Thank you,

Jolyon and Muzafar

Project managers - Cisarua Learning Limited.

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