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A little bit of context

This is an emergency. We believe it is our duty to act. Together, let's unite and insist our governments take action for us, for our children and for all life!

Extinction Rebellion is the fastest growing climate & ecology non violent direct action movement in history.

The level of support from individuals and communities has been unprecedented.

But there’s a problem

The first International Rebellion in April woke up individuals and communities globally to the converging climate and ecological crises.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

XR Shrewsbury is launching its crowdfunder to help give rise to the next rebellion and ensure our demands are met. We have the government's attention, now we demand that they act!

The next chapter of Extinction Rebellion has begun and our success relies on your generous gifts of time, money, skills and energy.

You can join us

You help by supporting those protesting locally and in London during the October Rebellion (7-19th October)

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