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Dear Community:

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is a group of dedicated community members who volunteer time to expose and fight the LAPD’s Architecture of Surveillance and the larger Stalker State. With your financial support* we can continue our work and build toward a greater understanding of what it means to have our lives constantly traced, tracked, and stalked, where our personal information — from biometrics to public benefits — is collected, stored, analyzed through algorithms, and shared with thousands of law enforcement agencies, other government agencies, and private contractors.

Over the last year, the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition has successfully continued its efforts to build a broad-based coalition of groups and individuals that share a vision of dismantling and abolishing government-sanctioned spying and intelligence gathering in all its multiple forms. From our inception, we maintain abolition of policing as our ultimate goal.

As the national conversation around police violence continues to be raised, the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition has created multiple spaces for this dialogue to include how counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency programs are being codified into domestic policing tactics. It is through these programs that suspicion, speculation, and criminalization of our daily activities makes us targets and potential victims of police violence.

Please stand with us and contribute to our work: Your donation, however big or small, will help us to:

  • Maintain our modest office space
  • Provide paper and ink for our copying machine
  • Print popular education materials
  • Hire one or two organizers for outreach and sharing crucial information to most impacted folks in South Central, Skid Row and East side communities
  • Continue creating a vibrant space toward building power with the goal to abolish the racist and violent national security police state

Additionally, your support will help provide folks with the delicious samosas at every monthly Coalition meeting, and much more.

Over the years we have released a series of reports exposing LAPD Surveillance, Spying, and Infiltration programs:

  • A People Audit of LAPD’s Special Order 1- The Coalition’s first grassroots report on the implementation of the human surveillance program the National Suspicious Activity Reporting.
  • Watch the Watchers “They Lie”- A short video that details the deployment of surveillance equipment and infiltration during the May Day March on May 1, 2015.
  • Watch the Watchers “They Still Lie”- A short video continuing to detail the deployment of surveillance equipment during the May Day March on May 1, 2016
  • Body-Worn Cameras: An Empty Reform to Expand the Surveillance- A report that examines how police body worn cameras are an empty reform that expands the surveillance state.
  • The Drone Report- Examines the rise of drones within the United States military and the dangers and impact of their expansion into tactical operations of domestic law enforcement.
  • Before the Bullet Hits the Body- The Coalition’s work to expose not only LAPD’s two predictive policing program but more important the harm and violence inflicted on our communities by these programs.
  • Our Data Bodies A collaborative project with three cities: Charlottesville, North Carolina, Detroit, Michigan, and Los Angeles, California, exposing how data is collected on our interaction with multiples system and how that data is used to criminalize and exclude us from our basic needs such as housing, food, healthcare, school, etc.
  • The War on Youth- An analysis of programs such of Preventing Violent Extremism, Black Identity Extremist, Countering Violent Extremism, the MS13 narrative and how these programs essentially target and criminalize our youth.

The Coalition has also moved city entities and other organizations to recognize and expose the impact of state sanctioned surveillance, spying, and infiltration:

As we witness the unfettered expansion of the police state and Intelligence-Led Policing, the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition continues to renew its commitment to dismantle and abolish this dangerous structure that is flawed by design.

*Donations through are not Tax-Exempt.

For Tax-Exempt Donations: Visit and click the “DONATE” button at the top right corner of the home page. Enter Credit Card or PayPal information and choose “Stop LAPD Spying Coalition” from the “special purpose for your donation” drop-down menu.

We ask you to join the fight and pledge your financial support today!

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Team Members

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