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Solidarity for the Elbit-Instro 7!

A group of Palestine solidarity activists is currently facing criminal proceedings for squatting a UK-based Israeli arms factory. In their second occupation of the Kent-based Instro factory in as many months, activists from the group Stop Elbit barricaded themselves into the factory perimeter and set up camp. After a two day siege they were forcibly removed and arrested.
The seven activists have now been charged with Aggravated Trespass, an offence which carries a maximum sentence of three months in prison. The activists hope that the trial may reveal important information about Elbit's activities in the UK. It will be heard at Folkestone Magistrates Court, and they will assert that their actions were justified and necessary.  

About Elbit-Instro

  • Instro specialises in military grade electro-optical equipment, and is owned and controlled by Elbit Systems - Israel's largest private arms company.  Elbit is closely aligned with the Israeli state and produces about 85% of the drones used by the Israeli military. Their flagship Hermes drone was one of the two main unpiloted aircraft used by Israel  during the 2009 Operation Cast Lead attack on Gaza.
  • Last year, Elbit Systems bought up IMI Systems, which is the sole supplier of small calibre ammunition to the Israeli military. Since March 2018, the Israeli military has been using small ammunition against people protesting at the apartheid wall, as part of Gaza's “Great March of Return”. By September 2019, 218 Palestinians had been killed and over 14,000 injured while attending these protests. 
  • the Apartheid Wall in the occupied West Bank. It also provides surveillance equipment for the American border wall with Mexico. 
  • The company holds export licences from the UK Government to countries including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Pakistan. 
The Elbit-Instro 7 defendants' solidarity fund will help towards covering practical costs associated with the action and the forthcoming trial - eg childcare, travel and accommodation needs, and other costs related to the campaign. Any funds left over will be put back into similar campaigns and actions.

Further links to published articles about the action:

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