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Syria is in transition.

As large swathes of the country return to Syrian government control, hopes for free and independent Syrian journalism inside much of Syria have become increasingly improbable.

Since 2013, Syria Direct has been a leading source on the events unfolding on the ground inside Syria. Despite shifting frontlines and challenging reporting conditions, Syria Direct has consistently produced independent and investigative journalism covering every region of Syria.

Media coverage on Syria is declining.

Syria's crisis is one in transition rather than one in retreat. As international media outlets and stakeholders turn away from Syria, there is a growing need for in-depth, investigative and human journalism to chart the future trajectories of the conflict as well as the future of Syria.

International funding for Syrian media, including Syria Direct’s own funding, is in limbo. At the same time, Syria Direct is uniquely placed to produce robust, independent journalism as the conflict enters into a new stage.

Syria Direct's work is more vital than ever.

Syria Direct is determined to keep reporting on Syria. Syria Direct's continued presence in the media space is critical within this transitional period of Syria’s history. Our Syrian and international journalists are determined to keep providing Syrians with a platform to tell the story of their country for years to come.

Through its first-ever crowdfunding campaign, Syria Direct intends to maintain and build its platform into 2019 and beyond, despite funding cuts from past supporters. Syria Direct will keep providing the world with news on the events unfolding within Syria’s borders as well as in the diaspora.

Join us and get your donation matched today.

Whether you are a reader of Syria Direct’s reporting, or just a believer in our mission, please consider donating to our holiday fundraising campaign.

If you donate between November 26th and 28th, your donation will be MATCHED by our fiscal partner, the GPD Charitable Trust, based in the United States. Donate today, and your dollars will go twice as far.

Here is how your support will make a difference:

$100 will support one of our journalists in conducting an investigative reporting project on the ground in Jordan (transport/logistic costs).

$500 will support our Syrian and international staff in an advanced investigative reporting training.

$1,000 will support the work of one of our Syrian journalists for an entire month.

Don't forget to keep up with our content at!

Please note that all of Syria Direct's journalists are based in Amman, Jordan. No funds generated by this campaign will go into Syria.

Syria Direct is a project of Near East for Youth Development, a registered Jordanian non-profit. Each dollar raised will go to support the elements of our work outlined above, as well as the sustained employment of our Syrian reporters. This fundraiser is made possible by our financial partner, the GPD Charitable Trust, based in the United States.

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