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A request for support from friends & allies:

Please help Shake! raise £5,500 to send eight young, Shake! artist/activists to a crucial training and skills share conference in Detroit this June.

Why is this important?

Our movements, organising spaces, NGOs and charities rarely centre the work and voices of black and brown and other marginalised groups, that are most adversely affected in our societies. Too often, young black and brown people are left on the margins of organising movements, their voices silenced.

We believe that in order to work towards a real collective liberation - to make real changes in the balance of power - those voices that are most marginalised have to be centred as far as possible. We at Shake! are committed to recentering these voices - one way of helping this happen is to ensure that young activists get the opportunity to lead on the key issues affecting the less privileged - poverty, racism, sexism and grassroots organising.

The Allied Media Conference in Detroit is a key event, noted for being one of the most brilliant spaces for practitioners and organisers, led by people of colour & LGBTQI folk. It will be an invaluable space for learning skills to improve our practice, and to bring back to movements in the UK.


(Photo credit: Ara Howrani)

The eight participants will:

  • Run workshops for US participants, on: “Re-membering, Reparations, Re-imagining’ - building community in violent times
  • Attend upskilling and learning events with US activists
  • Condense the learning into seminars for activists back in the UK

"The conference brings together a vibrant and diverse community of people using media to incite change: filmmakers, radio producers, technologists, youth organizers, writers, entrepreneurs, musicians, dancers, and artists."

Who are we and what do we do?

Shake!, is a long running Platform London project bringing together young people, artists and campaigners to develop creative responses to social injustice. Shake! Facilitators will co-ordinate and safeguard the the well-being of the other young people some of whom will be abroad for the first time.

All members of the the group are former participants of Shake! intensive courses and active members of the Shake! family. All people of colour doing powerful, transformative and insightful work in grassroots, campaigns and social justice spaces. The group are engaged in a wide spectrum of social justice and climate justice issues, including: Healing Justice Collective, Sisters Uncut, Decolonising Our Minds Society, SOAS Detainee Support, Conversations: Verse in Dialog, Campaign for Victims of Racist Police Violence (Berlin), and The Fury Project.

What will attendance at the Allied Media Conference achieve?

  • upskilling eight young UK black and brown social justice organisers
  • Facilitating our “Re-membering, Reparations, Re-imagining’ for the conference attendees
  • enhancing our practice so we can better support the emerging generation of organisers in the UK
  • developing narratives and strategies for our campaigns and social justice discourses in a way that speaks across all sectors and generations, including NGOs and academia
  • building robust strategies for organising and democratizing power across different sectors: the arts, media, health, education, labour etc.
  • developing a practice and language where we can talk to each other about our work as well as the deeper issues within our communities, in ways that decentre from the white, male, heteronormative, middle class framework

Protesting Yarls Wood Detention Centre

What we need?

While we have managed to secure some in kind contribution for our accommodation, we need to raise £5500 to cover our travel (for 8 people) and some contribution towards the trip to cover trip costs..

We can’t wait to share the knowledge we gain with everyone back in the UK - we’ll be running workshops and seminars to help upskill our groups and organising spaces.

UPDATE: Due to a personal loss, one of our team members is unfortunately no longer able to attend the AMC. The flight ticket is non-transferable. There are now 7 POC activists/organisers/artists attending the conference.

If the full fundraising amount is raised, we will endeavour to use the additional costs to cover skill-shares.

Thank you, love & solidarity!

Dhelia Snoussi, Abdul Hasan, Rotimi Skyers, Jinan Petra, Selina Nwulu, Paula Serafini, Zena Edwards, Farzana Khan & Shake! fam xoxo


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