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The crisis surrounding the spread of COVID-19 has devastated the restaurant industry. Many of us were already living paycheck-to-paycheck, hoping we could get enough hours or that the shift at the end of the month was busy enough to make rent. Now, the almost complete shutdown of the industry has left us with little to nothing. This fund is here to act as a reserve account to support restaurant workers trying to make rent, pay bills, buy groceries, and live our lives. This is a mutual aid effort by and for food service workers in Richmond. If you find joy in the Richmond restaurant scene, please help us get through this tough time. Every little bit helps. We recognize the valiant efforts of many groups around Richmond to help out affected restaurant workers. As such, this fund is here to make sure that members of our community who are most vulnerable and facing the most hardship can survive this crisis. We will thereby be prioritizing the immediate material needs of our QTBIPOC fellow workers. Thank you so much for anything you're able to provide! We’ll get through this together! Please feel free to contact us with any questions. **official stuff: This fundraiser is organized by Mag Prete, Randall McGarry, and Addy Cooley; three restaurant workers in Richmond, Virginia. Funds are being raised directly for other food service workers through Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal. accounts as they are provided by those in need. Funds will be used to pay bills, purchase food and necessary home supplies, and to pay for medicine. This fund is now set up to withdraw to the Richmond IWW, a local certified nonprofit. The IWW is a union run for and by workers, and they have agreed to support us and to allow us to continue to run this fundraiser at our discretion. Please reach out to Mag Prete with any questions.

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