Support Laverton Cold Storage workers

By National Union of Workers

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A little bit of context

Workers at Laverton Cold Storage have been trying to negotiate their first workplace agreement for 6 months. Their demands are simple, a fair wage in writing that covers cost of living and more secure jobs so that families can plan their future.

But there’s a problem

Workers have been on strike since Monday 25 June and their families have been standing with them. At a time when other kids are enjoying school holidays, workers' children and partners are cooking food and keeping warm around fires to call for fair treatment at work.

While the company is paying lawyers to take workers and their union to court they could be meeting with workers to come to a fair resolution.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Workers, backed up by their union and NUW members around Australia, will continue to stick together for a equitable outcome. Workers are ready and waiting for their employer to come to the table and negotiate a fair agreement.

You can join us

Workers and their families need all the support they can get, whatever you can donate will make a difference, or choose from one of our perks.

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