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It’s time to stand with the Palestinian people!

Palestinians are shot in cold blood in Gaza and expelled from their land in the West Bank. The Australian government supports the Israeli government 100%. Please donate to help us build a stronger BDS movement in Australia!

Why BDS?

Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) are a key non-violent way people around the world are pressuring Israel to do the right thing and abide by international law.

Over 170 Palestinian organisations have called for the support of freedom-loving people everywhere to support their struggle for their rights. We formed BDS Australia / Palestine Support Network Australia as a national organisation last year. We represent many groups across Australia working in solidarity with Palestinians and their supporters around the world. With your help we want to raise our campaign to a new level this year.

Eurovision is planned for Israel in May 2019

We will be leading the biggest loudest BDS campaign yet in Australia campaigning against Eurovision from going ahead in Israel next year. This includes pressuring SBS and not to broadcast it if is in Israel, plus explaining Israel's shocking human rights abuses to musicians and the public.

Our other campaigns you will be helping with in the next 12 months

  1. G4S is a British security company that helps train Israeli police at the Policity site along with Shikun & Binui, the Occupied West Bank real estate and construction company. It provides security staff to prisons and court facilities in at least 15 sites around Australia.  
  2. Hewlett Packard plays a vital role in electronic surveillance and other functions of Israel’s security apparatus. It provides technology, equipment and services to the military, including for the checkpoints and ID card system that underpin Israel’s apartheid system and movement restrictions for Palestinians. HP's hardware products are on sale across department stores and on campuses around Australia.

BDS Australia successes so far

We have already had success. Last year our campaigning persuaded the Royal Flying Doctor Service to reject the Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit as a sponsoring partner.

We need your help to reach our funding target of $30000

Your help will crowdfund our campaign to stop Eurovision and let more people know about the desperate situation in Palestine created by Israeli apartheid. We are seeking $30000 to continue to fund a paid part-time worker, plus cover other campaign costs.

How will we use your contribution?

$24000 Paying our campaign organiser!

$1300 Insurance

$1500 Website

$2000 Printing

$1200 Social media


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