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What is happening?

Over the last two months, largely unnoticed by the rest of the world, political oppression, human rights violations, and civil unrest in Nicaragua has grown into a nationwide uprising that has fought to remain peaceful. The mid-April protests about pension reforms have continued to gain popular support by the Nicaraguan people but they have been met with increasing brutality and deadly force, especially by the paramilitary gangs known as “shock forces” or turbas who are being organized and deployed by Nicaragua's President, Daniel Ortega.

The protesters have remained non-violent and peaceful, it is the government and the cronies of Ortega's regime that are murdering people in the streets to hold onto to power by silencing and oppressing the people of Nicaragua.

Human rights groups have recorded more than 140 deaths, more than 1000 injured, and counting. Hundreds of people are still missing, especially young people taken violently on the street, who are believed to be in country’s prisons being tortured and killed.

It has become extremely clear that Daniel Ortega will stop at nothing to hold onto his presidency, even if that means killing his Nicaraguan brothers and sisters in the streets.

On top of all of this obvious pain and suffering, it has resulted in a massive economic blow that has forced many business owners to close their stores for fear of being looted and vandalized and has crippled the tourism industry that Nicaragua’s people greatly depend on.

What are we doing?

We are not only looking to raise funds to support our friends and partners on the ground but also raise awareness of the crimes against humanity as President Daniel Ortega continues to order the execution of peaceful protesters in the streets and universities of Nicaragua.

In addition to helping financially, you can also...

  1. Call your State Representatives and demand the Magnitsky Act (In 2016, Congress enacted the Global Magnitsky Act which allows the US Government to sanction foreign government officials implicated in human rights abuses anywhere in the world.)
  2. Be aware and create awareness of the Human Rights Violations happening right now in Nicaragua.

Thank you!

Any amount of support is greatly appreciated by our friends and partners on the ground in Nicaragua. The entire world will be witnessing the strength, resilience, love, compassion and integrity that truly define the Nicaraguan culture as they pursue freedom and true democracy ❤️

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