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By National Union of Workers

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A little bit of context

Hundreds of Chemist Warehouse workers across Victoria and Queensland are on strike.

Chemist Warehouse relies on broken rules to keep workers in insecure work - about 70% of workers in distribution warehouses are labour hire casuals.

Many workers who have years of experience with the company are made to rely on daily text messages, sometimes as late as 10pm, to confirm if they have a shift the following day. Being placed on unpaid standby for days or weeks on end is also common.

Workers at Chemist Warehouse are on the minimum wage and paid 25% less than industry standards. 

Workers are afraid to speak out for fear of losing shifts. The workplace culture is toxic, with many facing bullying, intimidation and sexual harassment.

Chemist Warehouse could provide workers with decent, safe and secure jobs - but they have chosen not to.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Together permanent and casual workers have united, forgoing pay and striking, to win justice for all workers. They will not stop until all Chemist Warehouse workers win wage increases, secure jobs, and a safe workplace free from bullying and sexual harassment. 

You can join us

Helping to reduce to financial burden on workers and their families will be a huge support to Chemist Warehouse workers. When workers stick together to change their lives, they do it for all of us. Decent wages, secure jobs and safe workplaces have always been won by workers united in struggle. Donate whatever you can to support this group of workers standing up for what is right.

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