Support activists in Greece fighting to welcome refugees

By Refugee Action Coalition

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The Greek government is trying to shut the border to thousands of desperate refugees from Syria who have travelled there after Turkey’s decision to allow them through. Hundreds are arriving on Greek islands on small rubber dinghies each day, even as the coastguard tries to turn them back, using force to ram and beat the dinghies. Hundreds at the land border have been fired on by police with tear gas and rubber bullets as they try to brutally beat them back.

The government is trying to whip up a racist panic and says it will do whatever it takes to defend the borders. Around 40,000 asylum seekers are being held on the Greek islands including Lesvos, living in appalling conditions in shanty towns. The right-wing government wants to build new detention camps there instead of transferring them to better conditions on the mainland.

Anti-racist campaign

The Keerfa coalition (United against racism and the fascist threat) has campaigned for the last ten years in support of refugees and against racism. The group has been targeted by racists after their work on Lesvos supporting the refugees and calling on the government to open the borders.

They are preparing for a major rally in support of refugees on 21 March but need urgent support. Their website has been taken down by cyberattacks twice in recent days following threats from fascists.

They need extra funds to allow refugees inside Greece to travel on buses from the camps to join the demonstrations. Fifteen buses are planned and each costs $600. Please donate to help them continue their work in support of refugees and to ensure the demonstrations planned are a success.

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