Support a female scientist in Homeward Bound 2019!

By Deirdre Collins

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There's a huge gender gap in science.

In Australia, women outnumber and often outperform men in university science courses, but only 20% of science professors are women. The classic stereotype of a scientist is a middle-aged white man in a white coat. In reality we scientists come in all shapes, sizes and colours and genders.

The Mission: Homeward Bound.

Homeward Bound is a growing global collective of female scientists. The program will train 1000 women in leadership skills, to ensure that more women climb to the top of the career ladder in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and medicine, and influence future policies to help protect our environment. The Homeward Bound program is a one-year training program culminating in a three-week expedition in Antarctica with intensive training taking place onboard the MV Ushuaia. The program will educate me and 79 other kick-ass women in science about climate change, how to lead, and how we can use our skills to protect our environment. You can learn more about the Homeward Bound program here.

How can you help?

I grew up and studied for my science degree in Ireland, and now I work as a postdoctoral researcher in infectious diseases in Perth, Australia. I am passionate about furthering women in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) and protecting our planet. I am incredibly lucky to have been selected to take part in Homeward Bound 2018-19. Please support me on my journey! The statistics say I'm pretty likely to drop out of this career in the next 5-10 years because that's the fate that befalls most women in my position. Help me develop the skills to be a leader and not fall off the academic ladder!

The program costs about AUD40,000 for each woman to participate. Luckily Homeward Bound are able to cover half the costs for me, however I must pull together about AUD25,000 to cover my fees for the program, flights and accommodation, insurance and other costs associated with travelling to the bottom of the world.

Your donation will help me cover my fees and travel, help support and develop female scientists all around the world, and ensure our environment is protected.

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