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What is danceGATHERING?

danceGATHERING is an annual gathering for creatives, thinkers and change makers coming from diverse backgrounds. Here we invite diviners, dreamers, healers and other inclassable mutants, who are all radically shifting the boundaries of knowledge in their various fields and localities, to connect by philosophies and practically collaborate together on ideas that doesn’t necessarily fit into one discipline.

DG is a body-mind-spirit workspace, where we collectively experience the bliss of total surrender to the creative process, a time out from routine, where we inquire into what it means to elevate our thinking and culture as creatives and doers, by simply being open to others and learning from all kinds of inspiring people from around the world. It is a gathering where we are invited to plan together for a paradigm shift.

On the final weekend, danceGATHERING transforms Broad Street (the Main Street in the Lagos Business District), into an arena for an elaborate performance, where all the collaborations, the findings and outcomes are shared in open air, with a larger Lagos and international audience.

How to be a significant part of DG2020?

The previous editions have been made possible and successful because of the unending support and commitment of our highly dedicated volunteers, who give out their know-hows and time for free.

To appreciate their relentless dedication to the growth of this gathering; which have become a major event in Lagos as whole; we hereby invite you to join us in this community wide celebration by sponsoring a volunteer.

In doing so, you get to:

  1. Sponsor a volunteer for their dedication.

  2. Encourage youth participation in a community development project.

  3. Use it as part of your contribution to the development of arts in the local communities.

  4. Use it as one of your CSR activities.

  5. Help deliver an unprecedented experience for our local and international guests.

  6. Help cultivate an international networks of creatives

  7. Launch incubators for the generation of fresh cultural content.

Your support for danceGATHERING 2020 will help lay a ground for wellness and productivity of our globally connected societies into the future.

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Team Members


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