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What's this all about?

Regenerative farming is a way of farming that uses whole systems, just like in nature.  It moves carbon from the atmosphere into the soil,  nutrients from the soil into the plants, and nutrients from the plants into animals....who then put them back into the soil! 

While helping to solve the climate crisis, it also increases biodiversity of both plants and animals on the land!  That means more bees, more butterflies, more birds, more wild things on the land.  It also increases the land's water holding capacity, refilling our depleted aquifers and stopping drought flood cycles. 

Regenerative farming uses a management system called Holistic Management.

But there’s a problem

But currently in Canada, there are only 4 active Holisitc Management educators.  Only 4 people across all of Canada who can teach farmers how to do this!  It's not enough. 

So we're starting a training centre.

To start this training centre Danielle and I need to attend a 10 day Hub bootcamp in Colorado in August.  Then we need to attend a 10 day intensive HM training in Colorado.  We are bringing 3 Manitoba farmers with us to this training.  They will learn Holistic Management and how to teach it to others.  When we return to Manitoba, those farmers who took the 10 day training will be hosting teachings locally, to pass along the knowledge and teach other farmers how to implement and teach Holistic Management on their own farms. 

Farmers learning about holistic management, then teaching it to other farmers across Canada. This is an idea whose time has come. 

But it can't happen without your help

Bringing in this education does not come cheaply.  It costs $5,000 USD plus travel and accomodation to attend each of the trainings.   That's a $10,000 cost. 

Our hub will be linked with the Savory institute, a not for profit international organization whose focus is on regenerating grasslands.   We will be linked in with the Savory institute who will train us in the administrative business of running a training institute. 

We need your help.  Funding this training can help build resilliance in the face of climate change, build strong local food systems, provide habitat to wildlife, and increase the water holding capacity of the soil. 

Just like in nature, you get when you give.  You support us, we support the farmers, the farmers grow the food, and you get perks:)

Meet the founders, get some farm food, name a beasty and break bread with the crew.  There are lots of opportunities to get involved. 

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