Sumba Crisis Relief Fund

By The Sumba Foundation

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"Gotong Royong" Working Together

In Sumba we have the phrase "gotong royong" which means everyone working together to achieve a common goal. Now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are living this idea and gathering as many partners as possible to join the fight to help protect some of Sumba's most vulnerable communities and people.

COVID-19 + Failed Crops

The people of Sumba, like many in the world, have been directly affected by the economic impact of the pandemic. In addition to these already difficult times, the area immediately surrounding Nihi Sumba has experienced lower than normal rainfall which means this year many of the crops have failed crops. Failed crops will mean hungry families in light of all the other economic hardships facing our communities.

COVID-19 + Tuberculosis

The majority of the elderly Sumbanese have severe upper respiratory issues including Tuberculosis and are at particular risk as the virus spreads into the villages. To help us deal with the increased caseload of patients we are hiring a second doctor and more nurses. We also need to support and protect the doctors and nurses in the government clinics and hospitals so they can continue working.

COVID-19 + Tourism

Tourism is the backbone of the Sumbanese economy, but now with the disruption in travel and the lack of government support, the people are suffering. It is highly likely that over the coming month people will start running out of food.

Sumba Crisis Relief Fund

Nihi Sumba and Sumba Foundation have created the Sumba Crisis Relief Fund to continue to support the Sumbanese people and help ease the burdens of poverty on the Island. All contributions will directly support The Sumba Foundation and the government's health services with medicines, medical equipment, personal protective equipment, testing, and monitoring equipment, virus education and prevention, tuition support, food aid, and to support the Sumba Foundation’s water and malnutrition projects.

You can join us

Our goal is to raise $200,000 to provide 1) emergency food aid to families impacted by the economic downturn/crop failure; and 2) medicine, medical equipment and health services to combat the spread of the virus and treat the Sumbanese people affected. Chris Burch, the owner of Nihi Sumba resort, has generously committed to matching any donation you make (up to our fundraising goal).

And here’s our little way of saying thank you for supporting our community

The top donor will receive a 5-night complimentary stay at Nihi Sumba.

The second donor will receive a 3-night complimentary stay at Nihi Sumba.

The third top donor will receive a one-night complimentary stay at Nihi Sumba.

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Team Members

Patrick M. Compau

Basak Tan

Sean Downs

Tania Araujo