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By Australian Student Environment Network

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A bit of history:

SoS is the longest running student organised conference of its kind in Australia.

Since beginning in Canberra in 1991, SoS has become the premier event on the calendar of The Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN).

SoS is a multi-day event which focuses on, and explores, the links between environmental and social justice issues. Importantly, SoS concentrates on producing practical and radical solutions.

You will not only walk away with new and challenging ideas, but also with new and challenging friends and projects with whom to continue your personal and political development.

Why SoS matters:

One of the reasons why SoS is important is because it brings people together who have shared values yet different life experiences.

Attendees include First Nations Elders and community leaders, students, activists, academics, thinkers, contributors and learners of all shapes, sizes and walks of life.

Once together, these people share their knowledge with one-another in a number of different settings: workshops; forums; plenaries; excursions and entertainment.

Help us reach our goal of $5,000:

SoS depends entirely on the support of community members and grassroots organisations to run. It is essential for the aims of SoS that it retains independence.

Donations to this chuffed page will contribute directly to the logistics of running an event of this size. Your donation will help cover things like food, transport, tarps, tents, sound-equipment, venue hire, cooking equipment, workshop materials and art supplies (to name but a few).

What's more, your donation will support efforts to bring about much needed political and environmental progressive change.

Can you spare $30 to show your support?

SoS provides a platform to foster resistance through community building, which is needed now more than ever.

If you are in a position to help out financially, please donate to this important political conference.

Contact info:

If you want to join us in organising the SoS 2019 conference, or for more information, please go to sos (at)

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Team Members

Finola Laughren

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