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Background issue

In the past month we’ve seen a drastic change in our local communities - in particular the impact on young people and the elderly. Our face to face mentoring programmes had to stop, our activity days for children facing difficulties were cancelled, our tutoring support for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and our activities for the eldelry who are at risk of isolation - paused.

At the same time, we’ve had students we work with and new faces come forward to offer their time and skills to support the local communities they study in. We’ve been amazed in the incredibly positive and determined attitude to provide a response. Therefore we’ve set up vital response projects alongside student leaders to support our communities, but we need your help!

What we’re doing

Over the month of May Student Hubs staff are committed to covering 600km, the distance between all of our ‘Hubs’ across the UK. We are going to dig out our dust-covered trainers and pick up our headphones usually dedicated to our commutes, and put them to better use.

Our rules

  • All runs will be logged on Strava and posted for proof.
  • Each member of staff has committed to covering roughly 60k so we can reach our overall target.

What we’ll do with the funds

We've been working hard on altering our projects in partnership with our community partners to continue supporting those in need, in these uncertain conditions we find ourselves in. From moving our training and mentoring to online platforms, working with schools to deliver tutoring remotely, and tackling isolation among those currently living in care homes by relaunching our befriending programmes.

Every kindly donated penny during May will go towards supporting Student Hubs to keep our programmes running across the network, over this summer and into the next academic year.

Who we are

Student Hubs supports student-led social action across a network of universities in the UK. We connect students with local causes to create a positive impact. Our programmes are based on a double-benefit model where both students and communities benefit.


  • At every £500 mark along the way we’ll celebrate by doing a run in the most orange we can find!
  • If an individual chooses to donate over £50 we’ll give them a personalised shoutout on social media to thank you them for their support.
  • We’ll post on social media when we reach collective milestones - and tell you our stories along the way. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep up to date on Instagram.


We want to hear about who you are and why you’ve kindly chosen to support us. When you donate, leave us a note telling us who you are, why you donated and your Twitter handle (if you like!). We want to shout about the lovely people that are helping us.

Take part yourself

Fancy joining us? Sign up as a fundraiser and you can help us raise money or run with us. The staff team will cover 600km the distance between each Hub, but why not help us surpass our target and pop in to see another Hub again.

If you want to raise money for us you can sign up below to appear on our leaderboard. If you'd also like to add to our miles you can send your Strava logs to sophie.payne@bristolhub.org our very own progress checker.

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