Strong Roots. Strong Youth.

By Cornerstones of Care

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Our youth often come with many labels. Provider or role model usually aren’t one of them. Our healthy living & food systems program is changing that. With your help, our children can become advocates of health and knowledge to their peers and family.

By making a gift at any level, you’re partnering with our youth to:

  • Combat food insecurity in our community by growing, learning to prepare and taking home fresh produce
  • Cultivate long-lasting relationships between our youth, their peers and mentors within the community
  • Develop the knowledge and skills our youth need to make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of themselves, their families and the community.

Additionally, with the amount raised, we plan to:

  • Build a one acre orchard and expand our current farm areas
  • Support our horticultural therapy greenhouse
  • Construct outdoor kitchen and eating areas
  • Expand our outdoor science and exploration trail
  • Establish additional volunteer, mentorship and apprenticeship-level opportunities with community partners.
  • Increase the amount of fresh produce grown to help meet the needs of families that live in food insecure neighborhoods.

We need your help to bring this vision to life. Make a donation today!

Want a tour?

We love to have groups out to see first-hand the impact that this program has with our youth, and learn more about how they can get involved! If you'd like to schedule a tour at one of our farm are locations, you can contact Jennifer at [email protected] or Theo at [email protected]

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