Strike Fund for Team Members at Target Store 1541

By Target Workers Unite

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A little bit of context

Target Team Members in Pikesville, Maryland have gone on strike over disrespect and abuse perpetrated by their store manager Kate Harley. Ever since Kate has taken over as the new store manager the workplace has become a hostile environment where team members are stressed on and off the job because of the climate Kate creates. Intimidation, threats, spying, and lying are all behaviors this store manager has engaged in against the rank and file team members at Target and they are fed up with it! They are demanding Kate be fired as store manager and that team members be respected by Target and not subjected to abusive treatment.

Here's the issue

Going on strike is a huge risk workers take and it means workers are sacrificing their wages to fight for respect. Target workers are facing the most difficult time of the year where our hours are cut and we are struggling to make ends meet. Every paid hour is crucial to us.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are relying on the solidarity of the community and larger public to support these team members willing to struggle for justice on behalf of themselves and other team members. Please help them cover all lost wages lost during this strike.

You can join us

All funds recieved will be disbursed to Target team members participating in the strike. Every bit counts, please consider making a donation today and please reshare this strike fund with your friends, family, and coworkers!

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