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STREAT is going green for good.


We’ve always understood that the work we do for People, occurs within the ‘nest’ of the Planet. That's why we've got loads of initiatives in areas like onsite food production, green buildings, water conservation, renewable energy and waste reduction.  We'd love your help with this work. 

If you go green this Christmas, you’ll help us go deeper green in 2020.

By making a donation or green purchase through this campaign you'll be helping us build a new training greenhouse as we expand our youth training program beyond hospitality and into horticulture.  

And the Westpac Foundation will match your money!

Thanks very much for your ongoing support of our work.

Season’s STREATings,


Note: Donations are tax deductible. Purchases are not.


Thanks for helping us Go Green for Good...

- Our heartfelt thanks to the Westpac Foundation for their long-term support of STREAT and continued generosity this Christmas.

- Thank you to our partners RACV who are working with us to green our buildings and transport.

- A huge thanks to our neighbours Noisy Beast for their amazing work on this campaign, and to the crew at Angry Chair for producing our campaign video.

- And thanks heaps to SEEK and PACE Development Group for backing the production and launch of our amazing Greater Hunger Cookbook.


More info

- To learn more about STREAT, visit our website at streat.com.au. And please call (03) 9629 4222 if you'd like to speak to a member of our customer service team.

- To learn more about our green work, check out our Planet Plan

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Team Members

Ian Johnson - STREAT

Bec Scott - STREAT

Elise Bennetts - STREAT

Lauren Hill - Westpac

Monica Gandhi - Westpac

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