Story Walls

By The Art Space Collective

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Who we are and what we're trying to do:

The Art Space Collective is a 100% volunteer-run hub that connects the community with art, artists, ideas and each other.

This campaigns' focus is on the youth of Scarborough.

In an age of rapid dependency on technology, with the rise of the iPhone and other devices, it is too easy to disconnect from others. Accessible art can be seen as a forum of not only self-expression and creativity but most importantly connection through communication with others.

We are passionate believers that engagement with art and access to creative ideas can help kids and teens manage anxiety, grow in confidence and develop the social skills they need to thrive in life.

With this campaign, we want to nurture creative expression and the seeking of creative connection amongst the youth of Scarborough.

The Project: Story Walls:

Story Walls is inspired by Mo, Evie and Otis Maslin, three beautiful artistic souls who are examples of inclusiveness, connecting with others and great creativity. The purpose of our youth-focused project is to inject both artistic vibrancy and positive energy into our Scarborough community.

To achieve this we are organizing an event at the precinct around the Art Space Collective, which involves our community of children, teenagers, and adults, coming together to witness the precinct’s walls being painted by professional and renowned mural artists.

In conjunction with this, the ASC will present a series of mural art workshops for both youth and kids in collaboration with one of the professional artists. These workshops are being created to involve kids and youth - a cohort who are often viewed as difficult to engage.

How you can: Paint it Forward:

We need to raise money (more than 7K) to bring 3 incredible artists to the Art Space Collective to paint the surrounding alleyways and to run workshops for the local youth. We will be showcasing the artists, their works and running workshops amongst a community event involving local businesses.

And here are some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without......

$25 - Hall Of Fame

We'll throw your name on our website, forever, to say thanks for helping out.

$100 - Leap Into The Launch

Limited to 80 peeps, an exclusive invitation to a closed event, ......wait for it,.......the STORY WALLS LAUNCH PARTY. Don your best finery and join us for a tipple and a guaranteed good ol' time!

$1,500 - Oh my!!! Your Very Own Piece Of Art

Limited to three pieces. you could be the proud owner of a one-off, original, bespoke piece from one of the three very talented and renowned muralists, (and no it doesn't mean the piece is painting up that blank garage wall at home)!!!!

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