Step up to #StopAdani and Rise for the Galilee

By Galilee Rising

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Your support will enable everyday Australians to participate in peaceful frontline action to stop Adani's mega mine. 


We are aiming to raise $45,000 for stipends to support the living costs of four volunteers and resources to help bolster grassroots groups across the country.


‘Galilee Rising’ is a grassroots group, started and run by volunteers, that is dedicated to empowering everyday people to take peaceful action to protect the Galilee Basin region from coal mining. 

We are a nimble and committed group that is dedicated to providing education, training and resources to everyday Australians to empower them to take brave action to stop the Adani coal mine.

Galilee Rising promotes powerful stories about the role of protest in our history. Australians from all walks of life have joined together in acts of citizen-led, mass peaceful protest to protect our environment. To safeguard our collective future we need to join together now to stop the Adani project.


We have already mobilised hundreds of people at information sessions all around Australia. From farmers to miners and doctors, we are a diverse movement of people who are standing up and are ready to take action against mining in the Galilee Basin! 

The coal industry and Murdoch media are pressuring governments to strip citizens’ rights to take peaceful action for climate justice. However, the reality is that everyday Australians are aware that our government is failing us when it comes to climate change. So, in response to government inaction and corporate influence, our moral imperative as citizens is to peacefully and defiantly stand in the way of the destruction of the Galilee Basin.


We need a mass frontline movement to stop Adani and protect the Galilee Basin. Galilee Rising provides a much needed pathway to empower everyday Australians to engage in peaceful action on the frontline and in towns or cities. 

Due to the nature of this work NGOs and charities can’t support us financially. We exist for the grassroots and are supported by the grassroots. We are not beholden to big donors or corporations, but are committed to empowering everyday people to take brave frontline action for our future.


We need your support to continue this invaluable, capacity building work. Currently three volunteers are leading the core work and have brought Galilee Rising to life. Minna, Alice and Nic are all committed to creating a more just and sustainable world. They have chosen to dedicate their time and forgo more traditional career paths and secure incomes in the hope of moving Australia beyond fossil fuels to a clean energy future. As a society we need to value the bravery and sacrifice of committed volunteers who understand the necessity of work that goes against the grain.

Please chip in to help Minna, Alice and Nic continue to drive ahead with Galilee Rising. As volunteers, these three young people have established Galilee Rising with a hugely successful launch, are empowering and supporting grassroots groups across the country to run local events and plan frontline trips, designed resources and materials for Information Sessions (currently running in towns and cities), have collected almost 1000 pledges of dedicated supporters and are sharing compelling stories of everyday Australian’s across social and mainstream media platforms.  

Minna became disillusioned about working in the field of climate policy after having studied it at uni, given the lack of adequate political action to address the climate crisis. Minna volunteers for the  people who will be impacted first and worst, the people closest to her and communities already facing impacts.

Alice is a Registered Nurse and a Public Health Professional who has been committed to volunteering with grassroots movement on climate change and social justice issues. Previously she has worked at the Climate and Health Alliance on how climate change is impacting on health as well as volunteering on the Stop Adani campaign.

Nic is a disability support worker whose main focus is social justice. Having completed a double degree in environmental science and policy he’s learnt that opening the Galilee basin is a social justice issue of catastrophic proportions. 

Resources: We need your support to make this invaluable work possible. Money raised will be crucial in covering the costs of resources to support grassroots groups across the country:

  • Developing and disseminating resources for info sessions, fundraisers and training sessions
  • Booking rooms for Information Sessions and Trainings
  • Website domain and upkeep
  • Zoom and Canva account subscriptions
  • Developing and disseminating training materials 
  • Banners and props for local events 
  • Travel costs to invaluable meetings, training sessions and the frontlines

Without your support we cannot grow and amplify citizen-led peaceful action on the frontlines and across Australia. 

Your support will allow Minna, Alice and Nic to continue to drive ahead with Galilee Rising to create a safe climate future for us all.

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