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Seed funding is needed to start a new not-for-profit in Israel to provide counselling services, information & support groups to more than 1000 families annually who are effected by infant death-before, during or soon after birth.

But there’s a problem

Israel has a higher than average rate of unexpected stillbirth when compared with other developed nations. However support to bereaved parents is ad hoc or unavailable, based on the sad experience of my daughter after the delivery of her stillborn baby in 2016. The majority of health professionals have not received adequate training to respond in a sensitive manner to the profound grief and loss of a stillborn baby. Face to face support groups for parents do not operate on a regular basis and an after hours telephone hotline service is non-existant. There is no professional organisation to advocate for bereaved families after an infant is born still and there is a need to increase the profile of this "silent" social issue.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are committed to raise funds to establish "STILLBIRTH ISRAEL" with the following aims-

  • To offer support to individuals, families and groups when a baby dies- before, during or soon after birth
  • To provide a range of support services that offer hope for the future whilst providing opportunities to discuss, remember and acknowledge babies who have died in Israel
  • To work in partnership with doctors, midwives, nurses, social workers and other professionals to advise on best practice to care for bereaved families
  • To provide access to trained, parent volunteers to offer caring and non-judgemental peer support to grieving family members
  • To reduce the incidence of stillbirth through research, education and advocacy

You can join us

Be part of an important social change movement in Israel as a founding donor to provide seed funding for Friends of Stillbirth Israel Inc. to establish "STILLBIRTH ISRAEL" in the next 12 months.

We need $30,000 for

establishment marketing, administration and services eg website, brochures and advertising in Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and English

We need to employ a part-time co-ordinator- $25,000

We need to employ a part-time professional trainer/educator to lead support groups- $25,000

We need to train volunteers to maintain an after hours emergency support telephone service- - $20,000

Why your contribution is so important

Your valued financial contribution will make a difference to young Israeli families from diverse cultures affected by stillbirth and unexpected death of babies. From Bedouin women living in desert tents, to Druze women in mountainous villages, to a religious mother expecting her 10th child in Jerusalem, an Arab mother from Nazareth or a first time professional mother from urban Tel Aviv, these women all give birth side by side in Israeli hospitals. They all need specialised attention and care when a baby is stillborn or dies soon after birth.

This is a unique opportunity for broad minded individuals to provide seed capital for a much needed social service to aid long term emotional wellbeing to enhance healthy functioning of young families. Your financial contribution will help these women and their families move from a dark place to a more optimistic future.

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