Stand for the Trees - Stop HS2 17th - 21st Jan

By STOP HS2 and Extinction Rebellion

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Since 2017, a group of incredible earth protectors have been holding off the construction for the planned HS2 line, a project that is intent on carving up a huge swath of our precious woodland for a high speed trainline that many believe to be unnecessary and not fit for purpose. 

The activists at Colne Valley have been on the front line, and have had great success at shining a light on the destruction being inflicted there upon the woodlands, wetlands and wildlife that call the area home. HS2 plans to drill into the chalk aquifer which poses a risk the clean water source that provides water to over two million people, there is not alternative provision in place for this cautasrophy and this natural filtration process (aquifer), once contaminated may never be restored. 

After a recent heavy handed eviction of the main part of their camp, their call to arms has rallied rebels to support - culminating in a show of strength and solidarity which will take place from Friday 17th - Monday 21st January. This weekend has been planned to coincide with a mass tree felling due to take place on either side of Harvil Road, Colne Valley. Together we will stand to save the trees.

In order to make this weekend accessible, safe and enjoyable we need some money - the money raised here will go towards transport, sanitation, sustenance, flyers and posters with any surplus funds being dontated to STOP HS2 ongoing campaign. 

We would love to see you at the camp. Please bring banners, tents, tarpaulin, carnival attire, and colourful decorations.

The Facebook event can be found here:

Please share this page widely and give whatever you can. 

Huge love and thanks on behalf of the trees of Colne Valley x 

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