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Who are we?

“I suffered from physical and psychological abuse during pregnancy, but then my midwife enlightened me about Shakti. I was determined that I didn’t want all this violence to be part of my child’s upbringing which brought me to Shakti.

Earlier, I was living my life according to my ex-husband, but Shakti provided me safe, positive and motivating environment. At present, I dare to dream big, I want to become a nurse and look forward to making my daughter follow her dreams too.

With the help of Shakti Youth future generations will be aware and be able to recognise violence beforehand. This way, young girls somehow will know that violence is not okay, otherwise it is never taught or is not part of our upbringing, especially in our communities.”

  • Jasmine*, Survivor

Jasmine’s story is a common one among the women that Shakti sees. Over the past 24 years, Shakti has been providing critical support services to women and children from Asian, Middle Eastern and African communities. There are five refuges nationally, in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

All our refuges and intervention services receive contracted government funding except for the Shakti Wellington refuge and Shakti Youth’s family violence prevention and intervention work.


Shakti Wellington Refuge opened a refuge in 2014 after the murders of two migrant women in Wellington due to domestic violence - Sarwan Lata Singh and Mei Fan. We knew then, as much as we know now, that those women should have had access to refuge services that understood their cultural contexts. They had a right to access life-saving culturally appropriate support services.

Every year, Shakti Wellington provides services to over 300 women and 200 children with 250 referrals coming from NZ Police. We have been advocating and lobbying for government funding for the Wellington Shakti refuge for over 5 years, but there have been major barriers. To learn more and sign the petition to Save Shakti Wellington Refuge click here:

Shakti Youth was established in 2010 in response to the growing needs of young women who were experiencing family violence in the form of forced and underage marriage. After 9 years of advocacy, Shakti Youth has achieve legislative changes in addressing forced and underage marriage, but this problem has not gone away! It is still a ‘hidden harm’ in our communities and we need your support to work with our communities to end this practice.

Shakti Youth needs your support to grow nationally, to be able to reach out to and support young people in regions outside of Auckland such as Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Where will your support go?

We need your support to raise at least $50, 000 to ensure Wellington refuge and our Youth Unit to run smoothly.

$30, 000 for our Wellington Refuge, which will cover:

  • Refuge operational costs such as rent, power, telephone
  • Wages of our women’s advocate who provides casework support of our clients
  • Client expenses- such as medical (for non-permanent residents), food, legal fees

$20, 000 for our Youth unit it will contribute to:

  • Forced marriage outreach to 10 high schools nationally
  • Wages for part-time youth advocate in Dunedin and Wellington
  • Wages for youth caseworker in Auckland to work with young people experiencing violence.
  • Training costs for three day youth leadership programme on family violence prevention.

How we want to thank you for your support:

- $20: Thank you on our social media

- $100: A4 print of on of our 16 days of activism portrait

- $200: A3 print of on of our 16 days of activism portrait

- $500: Break free book

- $1000: A3 print + book

- $5000+ : Shakti can come to your company and give a presentation about our work.

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