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Meet Kim...

Imagine you could feel a lump in your throat that wouldn’t go away. "I felt like I always had food stuck in my throat. It was so uncomfortable and I was having difficulty swallowing."

What would you do in this situation?

Well this was Kim’s problem. Kim, a local mother of three beautiful girls, was referred to Dr Ian Jacobson who is an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgeon at the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Thanks to Dr Jacobson’s diagnosis she was able to have him conduct the required surgery to remove the lump straight away. “I feel so privileged to have had Dr Jacobson as my surgeon. I knew when I met him that I was in the best possible hands. My condition had been a worry for some time.

There was a risk of it being cancerous which obviously added to my concerns. Luckily for me it wasn't. Quite apart from his obvious surgical skill, Dr Jacobson had a wonderful, gentle manner and was so reassuring and kind.

Whenever I meet anyone who had had Dr Jacobson as a doctor, the reaction is always the same - he is so highly skilled and accomplished, unanimously held in high esteem and much loved," said Kim.

Today Kim stands with Dr Jacobson to help raise funds for a vital endoscopic laser machine for the ENT department here at the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Our Dr Ian Jacobson...

“I spend every day consulting patients or conducting surgery. It is humbling to be told that I am saving lives,” said Dr Jacobson.

“Right now, the Head and Neck Cancer Unit at The Prince of Wales Hospital is in urgent need of a LUMENIS CO2 laser machine. Without it, our Unit cannot perform adequately. It is as simple as that.

This laser regularly treats patients who are suffering from head and neck cancers and treats patients that have a clinical airway obstruction. Having this vital equipment will help us deliver the best outcome for our patients.”

Today Dr Jacobson has joined The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation’s efforts to raise $100,000 for this machine and he need your help.

What will your donation do?

Your support will provide our patients with the outcomes of less invasive surgery and improved recovery times. Making it so much easier for them and their families. With your generosity we are striving towards the best care possible for patients at the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Who is behind this campaign?

My name is Associate Professor Leanne M. Zalapa, though I prefer being called Lulu. I am the Founding CEO of The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, before which I was a nurse at the Prince of Wales Hospital. I have worked in the hospital for 19years and loved every minute of it!

This Holiday Season The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation Appeal is supporting Dr Jacobson’s much needed Endoscopic Laser Machine.

I am honoured to stand with Dr Jacobson who is such a loved individual within the community. It is his dedication and commitment to his patients that make our jobs so much more rewarding.

I hope to see our community stand by us for his worthy cause.

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