Srikandi Women Empowerment Fellowship

By Lonely Conservationists

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Why do we care about North Sumatran women anyway?

Both Jessie and Nayla are women in conservation - which is a powerful thing to be nowdays, as educating and empowering women is said to be one of the top solutions to conserving our planet.

Jessie studied the implications of forest restoration on critically endangered North Sumatran wildlife and Nayla works for a local NGO, the Orangutan Information Centre. It's safe to say they both fell in love with the rainforests of the Leuser Ecosystem- the last place on earth where you can find orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers together in the wild.

But it isn't always so easy

Being a woman in conservation is challenging anywhere in the world, but it is especially challenging in North Sumatra where there are cultural expectations about what being a woman means. Conservation work is often seen as a man's job and there is increased pressure to conform to raise a family instead of saving critically endangered species.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Jessie started Lonely Conservationists in January 2019 and has been publishing stories by conservationists from all over the world and the struggles they have overcome in the industry.

Extracting the key themes from the blogs submitted by women, Jessie has been able to determine the re-occuring factors that affect women in conservation around the world.

Jessie and Nayla will be hosting the Srikandi Fellowship for North Sumatran women who are studying conservation. This fellowship will be based around these women's stories and experiences to ensure that they will be exposed to content relevant to their future in conservation.

They say the future is female, and we want to support strong North Sumatran women in being conservation leaders.

How will we spend your money?

We will be running this program in a North Sumatran forest for a week in 2020.

We are sponsoring ten students with:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Permits to the forest site
  • Mosquito nets
  • Transport
  • Conservation activities
  • Talks by local female conservationists
  • Discussion based around balancing culture and conservation

Jessie will be facilitating in Bahasa Indonesia, because we are keeping it local!

We will be using this program as the foundation of a community to provide ongoing support to these women. They will also be encouraged to share their stories to inspire others in the Lonely Conservationist family.

To run the Srikandi Fellowship, we need $5000 to cover the above costs to ensure this program is free and accessible for the women participating in this program.

The future is female!

If you want to be a part of enacting long term sustainable change for our environment- please encourage and uplift the women around you! If you want to help protect one of the largest rainforest ecosystems on Earth, well for that, you can help us empower the women of North Sumatra.

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Team Members

Jessie Panazzolo

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