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"The Healthiest Sport in the World"

Squash is a racquet sport that offers great fitness, discipline, and enjoyment to school-age children and also provides a potential avenue for admission to many ivy league universities. Five years ago, I began a small venture called SquashRocs (Squash-Rochester) to teach the sport of squash to junior level players (middle and high school students).

The mission of SquashRocs is to further increase youth participation in squash by expanding access to squash for the urban students of Rochester, with the aim of helping these students become well rounded students of the sport, along with their academic courses.

SquashRocs has partnered with ROC E6, Inc. - a charity (501c3) organization working hard to bring ‘uncommon’ sports to the city of Rochester students, to bring you:

2017 City of Rochester Middle & High School Squash League and Championships

SquashRocs is running a program over the spring of 2017 for students in the City of Rochester, at no cost to schools or students. Beginning with an open day of squash play, allowing students the opportunity to try squash, followed by an 8-week youth squash league with coaching for any students that wish to continue. At the end of the league, SquashRocs will host a team tournament for the children whom participated in the league. The squads will be competing for the inaugural 2017 City of Rochester Middle & High School Squash Team Championship.

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The coaches working with SquashRocs will provide young students with training and will also serve as positive role models, emphasizing the importance of high school and using their squash experience to go on to college.

How You Can Support Us

The fundraising goal for the 2017 City of Rochester Middle & High School Squash League and Championship is $10,000. This funding will provide for up to 56 children ages 10 – 18 the opportunity for two, 1 hour coaching session per week for 8 weeks (16 hours of squash) followed by participation in the City of Rochester High School Squash Team Championship, to be held at the University of Rochester.

Sponsors have the choice to put their logo on uniform shirts, name the program and/or the championship tournament, and use of the program in their own promotional materials. We also hope to gain local TV coverage.

A full budget can be provided upon request.

About the Program

The spring program ‘2017 City of Rochester Middle & High School Squash Team League and Championships’, is being promoted openly to all middle and high school students via the charter and RCSD schools athletics departments.

The program will run for 8 weeks, with an open enrollment/sign up policy, for up to 56 (8 teams of 7 players) students.

Open Day Details

The initial open day will be on Saturday May 6th at the Harro East Athletic Club. It will be open to all city students from grade 5 and up. It will run for 2 hours. Students will have the chance to play squash (probably for their first time), receive a little coaching, and watch professional squash on video.

Boys and girls will be encouraged to participate equally throughout the program.

At the open day, students may then sign up for the following squash league.

League Details

The squash league will run for 8 weeks, from May 8 through to June 30, at the Harro East Athletic Club. The students will be grouped into teams of 7, and each team will be allocated two, 1 hour slots, after school, on different days of the week.

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Final Tournament Details

The final tournament will be held on the weekend of July 1-2, at the University of Rochester. The teams will be divided into two pools. Each pool will play all the teams in their pool. The winners of each pool will go on to the final, to decide the inaugural 2017 City of Rochester Middle & High School Squash Team Champions.

Trophies will be presented to the players of the winning and runner-up teams.

Further Programs

SquashRocs will look to run more squash programming for the city students over the summer vacation (funding allowing) and also look to partner with any interested schools to form school teams.

Full program details can be found on the website:


I thank you for your support.
J. Walsh.

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