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By Nebraska Left Coalition.

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By the Community

The economic inequalities of capitalism are growing and people are in immediate need. We need YOU to help in the effort! We're raising money to help those who struggle with this during the pandemic of COVID-19. The poorest members of our community will need the most help with food, water, supplies and financial help while many businesses shut down.

We'll be using the remaining funds for our gardens this Spring. We're expanding our garden sites and getting creative new projects.

For the community

You can help now by giving to our campaign! Many within the community live paycheck to paycheck. Even stocking up the pantry can be an impossible financial hurdle.

Low-income jobs—line-cooks, nurse’s aids, grocery store clerks, day care workers, servers and bartenders— can’t be done remotely. Most low-income jobs don’t offer paid sick or vacation days. These jobs are likely to leave their employees uninsured or underinsured for medical care. While schools shut down and quarantines are enforced—the downstream effects on poorer people the hardest. Many low-income children rely on free and reduced school breakfasts and lunches for their daily nutrition. Low-income parents can’t always afford child care when their school age kids are suddenly home all day.

Limited access to healthcare is another issue that compounds the issue. Even as private insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid all vow to test symptomatic patients free of charge, nearly 20 million across the U.S. are not covered by any form of insurance at all.

Homeless Americans are in even worse shape to deal with a deadly viral outbreak. Our overcrowded prisons, where people live in close proximity to one another, also pose a grave danger. Both of these groups of people are more medically fragile than the general population.

We need YOU!

Poverty and food insecurity in the United States are closely related. There is no single face of food insecurity. It impacts every community in the United States.

Many people are in the midst of poverty, hunger, and despair. We are dedicated to combining mutual aid and building alternative systems that allow us to fight the systemic causes of food insecutity. It all starts with building community, one person at a time. Each one of us is a powerful component to fighting the causes of food insecurity, poverty and oppression. Working together, we can make a difference.

For the community, by the community and within the community.

Join us at Nebraska Left Coalition as we raise funds to help with food insecurity and our mutual aid programs. Help us to care for the community members that are most effected by COVID-19 and and food insecurity. Thank you for being a part of our community.

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